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Flower Names For Girls And Their Meanings

If you love flowers and thinking to give your baby girl a pretty flower name, then here are some lovely options to consider. Check out some ideas of flower names for girls with the meanings. We hope it will help you to choose the best flower name for your baby girl.

Names Meaning of Name Origin
Aimatia flower garden Latin
Akina spring flower Japanese
Amaranta flower that never fades Spanish
Amaryllis fresh flower Greek
Ambhoja lotus flower Sanskrit
Anahi flower of the ceibo tree Guarani
Antea sweet flower Greek
Anthea sweet flower Greek
Ardice flowering field Hebrew
Ardith flowering field Hebrew
Ayame iris flower Japanese
Ayanna beautiful as a flower African
Bakula lovely flower Hindi
Blodwyn shining flower Welsh
Blossom flower English
Blum flower Yiddish
Calfuray blue violet flower Mapuche
Calice beautiful flower French
Caltha yellow flower Latin
Celandine herb with yellow flowers Latin
Chalin beautiful flowers Mandarin
Chalina beautiful flower Spanish
Charo beautiful flower Spanish
Chrissanth golden flower Greek
Coaxoch serpent flower Nahuatl
Corisande flower of the heart Spanish
Dahlia a perennial flower Scand.
Daisy white & yellow flower English
Daysi white & yellow flower English
Deantha divine flower Greek
Deisy white & yellow flower English
Deysi white & yellow flower English
Diantha a divine flower Greek
Dianthe flower of God Greek
Evanthe flower Greek
Fiorel flower Latin
Fiorella flower Italian
Fleur flower French
Fleurette flower French
Fliora blooming; flowery Irish
Flor blooming; flowery Latin
Flora flower Latin
Floramaria flower of Mary Spanish
Floreal flower French
Florence blooming; flowery Latin
Flores Flora; flower Spanish
Florian flowering; blooming Latin
Florida flowering; prosperous Spanish
Florinia flowering; prosperous Latin
Floris flowering; prosperous English
Flossie flowering; prosperous English
Fuxina hibiscus or lotus flower Mandarin
Gadina flower garden Hausa
Garland wreath of flowers Greek
Giacinta beautiful fragrant flower Italian
Ginger flower & spice Latin
Ginny flower & spice English
Hana blossom; flower Japanese
Hanako flower child Japanese
Hanan flower child Japanese
Heather flowering heather English
Hibiscus shrubs with large flowers Latin
Hua flower Chinese
Huong flower Viet.
Ianthe violet flower Greek
Ilima flower of Oahu island Hawaiian
Iona violet flower Greek
Irupe irupe flower Guarani
Jacaranda fragrant flower Tupi
Jas jasmine flower American
Jasmain jasmine flower Persian
Jasman jasmine flower Persian
Jasmeet jasmine flower Persian
Jasmin jasmine flower Persian
Jasmine Persian flower Persian
Jasmyn jasmine flower Persian
Jazman jasmine flower Persian
Jazmin jasmine flower Arabic
Jessamine jasmine flower German
Jolanda violet flower Greek
Kalin little flower Slavic
Kalina little flower Slavic
Kamalei close to the heart like a lei Hawaiian
Kamelia fragrant rose like flowers Italian
Keiko September flower Japanese
Ketifa flower Arabic
Kiele gardenia flower Hawaiian
Kumuda lotus flower Sanskrit
Lan flower Viet.
Lei heavenly flower Hawaiian
Leilani heavenly child Hawaiian
Lilia flower Estonian
Liliana lily flower Portuguese
Lillian lily flower Latin
Lillybelle lovely lily flower American
Linnea flower of Sweden Scand.
Lodis beautiful flower American
Loradi bouquet; garden Basque
Lore flower Basque
Lotus lotus flower Greek
Magnolia beautiful flowering tree Latin
Mai brightness; flower Japanese
Maika dancing flower Japanese
Malinalxochitl grass flower Nahuatl
Mamo saffron flower; yellow bird Hawaiian
Mandara mystical celestial flower Sanskrit
Mausi plucked flower Nat. Amer.
Mayrlys beautiful flower American
Mehadi flower Hindi
Meiying beautiful flower Chinese
Melantha dark flower Greek
Mignonette flower French
Mika beautiful flower Japanese
Mikia flower stem Japanese
Mikki flower stem Japanese
Mohala flowers in bloom Hawaiian
Mulan flower of the woods Mandarin
Nalinadala lotus flower Sanskrit
Namika flower of the wave Japanese
Nitza flower bud Hebrew
Nizana a flower bud Hebrew
Nollie flowering tree English
Noxochicoztli my necklace of flowers Nahuatl
Obax flower Somali
Orquidea beautiful as a flower Italian
Padma lotus flower Sanskrit
Padmani blossom; flower Sri Lankan
Palasha tree with red flowers Sanskrit
Pansy flower; fragrant Greek
Peony flower Greek
Perah flower Hebrew
Petunia flower Nat. Amer.
Polla poppy flower Arabic
Poppy poppy flower Latin
Posy small bunch of flowers English
Primrose primrose flower English
Pua flower Hawaiian
Pualani heavenly flower Hawaiian
Qinna graceful flower Mandarin
Quetzalxochitl precious flower; queen Nahuatl
Raisa beautiful & fragrant flower Russian
Raizel beautiful & fragrant flower Yiddish
Rea poppy flower Greek
Reyhan sweet-smelling flower Turkish
Risa hometown flower Japanese
Rose beautiful & fragrant flower Latin
Rosella beautiful & fragrant flower Latin
Rosina beautiful & fragrant flower English
Rosita beautiful & fragrant flower Spanish
Rosula beautiful & fragrant flower Latin
Roza beautiful & fragrant flower Slavic
Ruva flower Shona
Sacnite white flower Mayan
Saffron purple & white flowers English
Serika parsley flower Japanese
Shoshana a beautiful flower Hebrew
Sumalee beautiful flower Tai
Suman a beautiful flower Hindi
Tika flower Sioux
Tulip tulip flower French
Violeta plant with purple flowers French
Violetta plant with purple flowers French
Xochi flower Aztec
Xochicotzin little necklace of flowers Nahuatl
Xochilt place of many flowers Aztec
Xochitl place of many flowers Aztec
Xochiyotl heart of a gentle flower Nahuatl
Yasamin jasmine flower Arabic
Yasmeen jasmine flower Persian
Yasmin jasmine flower Persian
Yazmin jasmine flower Persian
Yecenia flower Arabic
Yesmin jasmine flower Persian
Yessenia flower Arabic
Yolanda violet flower Greek
Yole violet flower Greek
Yolie violet flower Greek
Yoloxochitl flower of the heart Nahuatl
Yoluta summer flower Nat. Amer.
Yone violet flower Greek
Zahira blossom; flower Arabic
Zahra flower; white Swahili
Zinnia beautiful; colorful flowers Latin