Benefits of VDI That Can Make A Major Difference in Your Computing Environment

1 – Manageability:

Since VDI replaces PCs – deployment, management, and maintenance of replacement endpoints becomes much easier. Remember, endpoint devices can be laptops, Thin (or Zero) Clients, tablets, mobile devices, etc. Centralized management software is used to enable IT administrators to maintain devices in the network from one central server (data center) – meaning upgrades, application deployments, and virus control can be centrally managed, rather than being handled individually at endpoints/workstations.

2 – Flexibility:

The flexibility of endpoint maintenance is one of several Citrix Virtual Desktop benefits to positively affect your computing environment. Routine upgrades, installations, and more, can be completed without user intervention whatsoever. This also does not disturb end users’ productivity. Desktops can easily be virtually created by copying images and files, and then swiftly deployed. End users are not tied to any particular hardware with VDI, so desktop fixes and new desktops can get them up and running in no time.

3 – Accessibility:

Due to BYOD and even more so the pandemic, workforces are being more mobile. The need or desire to work at home, along with more employers not worrying about if their employees are in an office (sitting right next to them) or across the world on another continent, accessibility is a key VDI benefit for these remote, long-distance, and/or mobile end users. With desktop virtualization, everything is managed and protected in one central location/center/server. IT Admins can better maintain security – by protecting files from improper downloading, mass virus updates, etc.

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