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Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction with Cenforce 150 can be caused by a variety of physical and psychological problems. Physical problems may include high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or high cholesterol. Psychological factors may include stress from work or other personal issues. Certain medications can also cause impotence. Diagnosis is critical, as treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Doctors can perform blood tests and ultrasounds to determine the exact cause.

If the problem persists, you may consider a variety of medical treatments solve pills is Vega 100. Your doctor can prescribe oral medications or refer you to a urologist for treatment. Other medical treatments may involve injections or surgery. If these do not work, you may want to consider counseling by a psychologist.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction include sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Untreated HIV or viral hepatitis can cause an infection in the prostate gland. Getting treatment for your infection can resolve your problem and even prevent further damage. It’s important to treat your infection immediately, though, as untreated infection can worsen the condition Vigora .

Stress and medications can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Certain antidepressants and blood pressure medications may affect the production of hormones essential for an erection. Other medications that can cause erectile dysfunction Vilitra include antihistamines, antibiotics, and some recreational drugs.

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