Changing Your Lifestyle Can Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Discussion of erectile dysfunction with your doctor may be uncomfortable however, it’s more often than you imagine. More than 50% of American males older than 40 have Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Which has an impact on more than 30 million American men. Though this issue is caused by a variety of physical factors, it is possible to significantly reduce ED and its negative effects on your life through several lifestyle adjustments.

In addition, it is also possible to take fildena 100 ( ) comprised of an active ingredient called Sildenafil which aids in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

A Change in Your Way of Living Will Make a Difference

There are a range of lifestyle modifications that have been demonstrated in research studies to treat ED.

While some will only reduce the risk from Erectile Dysfunction, others may treat it. Even medications such as Fildena 100 mg are effective after consulting your physician.

Everyday walks

According to Harvard research, walking 30 minutes every day can lower the risk of developing ED by 41%..


As well as reducing ED regular exercise, any form of sport from swimming to tennis can also assist in the reversal of. The flow of blood is increased by physical activity, which is vital to have a strong sexual erection.

Furthermore, weight-bearing exercises boost testosterone production, enhancing sexual drive and strength. In addition, for added benefits, take Fildena 100 mg. This contains Sildenafil as active ingredient, but only after consulting with your physician.

Buy an upgrade to your bicycle seat

If cycling is one of your most preferred exercises, your seat could be the cause for the ED you experience. You can reduce the risk by buying the right seat to ease pressure on your pelvic.

Weight Control

A man is less likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction when his waist size is less. Reversing Erectile Dysfunction is among the numerous health benefits from losing fat. If you’re taking Fildena 100 mg, it can also benefit you.

The pelvic floor is a strong structure.

Kegel exercises aren’t only intended for men, women. Exercises such as the Kegel can help ease ED and are easy to perform.

You must take Care to Your Diet

As per research from the NIH Massachusetts Male Aging Study eating a variety of vegetables, fruits healthy grains, fish can reduce the risk for developing ED. But, it also requires eating less of red meats, meat processed along with refined carbs.

However, Sildenafil, present in kamagra 100mg, can be beneficial in treating Erectile Dysfunction. However, the use of this drug is advised only following a consultation with a physician.

Moderate up to Mild Alcohol Consumption

This can be beneficial. Drinking alcohol in moderation, between two and one drink per day has been proven to reduce the effects of the symptoms of ED.

Alcohol consumption however can cause the opposite in that it damages the penis’s muscle cells and leading to an early ejaculation.

If you’re taking Kamagra 100 mg, it’s recommended to avoid drinking alcohol since it could hinder the medication from working efficiently.

Stop smoking cigarettes

Smoking, either directly or indirectly, causes damage to blood vessels which makes it harder for them to circulate fluid throughout your body. The penis is one of them.

Excellent sleep

Sexual performance of males is greatly affected by a lack of restorative, deep sleep. Research has shown that the use of a CPAP machine while asleep improves erectile functioning in males suffering from sleep apnea.

Control your blood sugar and diabetes levels

A steady rise in blood sugar levels can damage tissues, nerves as well as blood vessels. It can also result in a variety of health problems.

Sexual performance can be improved through diabetes that is properly managed and also through blood sugar control.

Blood Pressure Management

Because high blood pressure could hinder the flow of blood towards the penis area, hypertension also known as high blood pressure, is the most common reason for ED.

Unfortunately, many drugs prescribed to treat this disease can negatively impact sexual activity. Certain of the most recent drugs, that do not have this adverse effect, could be worth checking with your physician.

Maintain sexually active

According to research conducted of The National Institute of Health and the Finnish Medical Association, men who were sexually active less than once a each week had twice the chance to develop ED than those who engaged in sexual activity at least every week.

In light of this, don’t allow ED keep you from having a sexual experience as it could help with the issue; just take Fildena 100mg prior to making the decision to kiss your partner.

Treatment for depression

Your sexual health can be affected by depression and self-esteem issues, which may make it harder to achieve and maintain an intimate erection.

This is only one of many causes that you should seek out treatment to treat depression.

These lifestyle changes will not only improve your overall health but can will also decrease or reverse risk of ED.

The medical specialists at Kasraeian Urology can help you in addressing ED symptoms.

We can help you with this condition and will assist you to identify the lifestyle changes that can the most benefit your health.

If you would like to schedule a meeting in the office space that is most convenient for you contact us as soon as possible.

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