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Copper Alloy Plate Exporter Brass has quite good mechanical properties, process properties and corrosion resistance.It can work well under hot and cold conditions under pressure.It ranks between H80 and H70 in performance and economy.For low load corrosion resistant springs.6) H80 ordinary brass: performance and H85 similar, but higher strength, good plasticity, in the atmosphere, fresh water and sea water has a higher. corrosion resistance.Used for papermaking net, thin-walled pipe, bellows and building supplies.7) H85 ordinary brass: with high strength, good plasticity. It is an alloy of copper and zinc.When the zinc content is less than 39%, zinc can dissolve in copper to form single-phase A, called single-phase brass, good plasticity, suitable for cold and hot pressure processing.When the zinc content is more than 39%, is there a single phase and solid solution with copper zinc based b, called duplex brass, b make plastic small and tensile strength increased, only suitable for the thermal pressure processing If continue to increase the mass fraction of zinc, the tensile strength decreased, no use value Code expressed with “H + number”, H said brass, the figures show that the mass fraction of copper.Such as H68 copper content is 68%, zinc content is 32%, brass, cast brass is in the code before the word “Z”, such as ZH62 such as ZCUZN38 said zinc content is 38%, the remaining amount of copper cast brass.H90, H80 single phase, gold, so there is a total of gold, known as the coating, decorations, MEDALS, etc.H68, H59 are double-phase brass, widely used in electrical structural parts, such as bolts, nuts, washers, springs, etc. H65 Copper PlateGeneral purpose All kinds of deep drawing and bending of stress parts, such as pins, rivets, washers, nuts, ducts, barometer springs, screen mesh, radiators. Mechanical properties Tensile strength 蟽b (MPa) 鈮?90 elongation 螖10 (%) : 鈮?0. Note Longitudinal tensile mechanical properties of bars at room temperature Sample size: diameter or opposite edge distance 5 ~ 40. E-mail:996096164@qq.comCopper Alloy Plate Exporter website:

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