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“Well, that girl is nice and pretty.” Zhang Heping said without thinking. Seeing Feng Xiaochen’s embarrassed appearance, he quickly changed the conversation with a smile and asked, “Why did you come to the traffic team? Was it you who just drove in and parked over there?” “Yes, I’ve come to apply for a practice license.” Feng Xiaochen said. Zhang Heping said in surprise, “Have you just started learning to drive?”? I saw you drive in just now. You drive very skillfully. Feng Xiaochen made a helpless expression, said: “I am self-taught, has not formally learned to drive.”. Now things are coming to an end, I can only cram at the last minute, apply for a practice license to deal with it first, and then make an appointment for the road test later. Zhang Heping said, “Isn’t it easy? I’m very familiar with Lao Peng of the traffic team. You can go in with me. I’ll ask him to arrange a separate road test for you. If you can pass it, you can get your driver’s license as soon as tomorrow.” “No?” Feng Xiaochen was dumbfounded. “Brother Zhang, do you have such a wide range of ways?” “Ha ha, in our line of work, don’t we rely on a wide range of connections?” Zhang Heping laughed and said, “You didn’t hear people say that the foot teeth of the car and boat shop should be killed even if they are innocent.”. When we are buyers,heavy duty metal racks, it is the ancient tooth line, which is to help people act as go-betweens. Come on, come on, don’t be polite to me. The two of them were pulled into the traffic team by Zhang Heping. Instead of going to the department where they practiced their driver’s license, they went straight upstairs and came to the door of an office with a sign of “Vice Captain”. Zhang Heping told Feng Xiaochen that he said that Lao Peng’s name was Peng Gang, who was the deputy captain of the district traffic team. Without waiting for Feng Xiaochen to say something, Zhang Heping knocked on the door. Who is it? Come in! An angry voice came from the room. Zhang Heping pushed the door open and shouted,industrial racking systems, “Old Peng, you’re fattening up again!” “Oh, it’s Lao Zhang. It’s a rare guest. Which gust of wind blew you here?” Seeing Zhang Heping come in, a fat man sitting at his desk writing something stood up laughing, walked over to meet Zhang Heping, and gave him a bear hug. Chapter 156 the identity of Zhang Heping. The two men in the prime of life made out for a while in a way inappropriate for children. Peng had just released Zhang Heping and pointed to Feng Xiaochen and Xing Bencai, who were standing at the door and looking at each other. He asked Zhang Heping, “Lao Zhang, is this your friend?” “Let me introduce you.” Zhang Heping walked to Feng Xiaochen’s side and solemnly introduced to Peng Gang: This is Feng Xiaochen, the deputy director of the production department of Linbei Heavy Machinery Factory. This is.. “I’m Director Feng’s driver. Captain Peng can call me Xiao Xing.” Xing Bencai hurriedly and humbly introduced himself. As a driver, it is inevitable to deal with the traffic team. It is also very valuable for Xing Bencai to have such an opportunity to get to know a deputy captain of the traffic team. If Peng Gang doesn’t mind, Xing Bencai even plans to carry some specialties from Beining Province from the purchasing station in a few days to “walk around”, mobile racking systems ,warehouse storage racks, believing that Wu Ximin will support it. Oh, Director Feng and Master Xing, please sit down. Lao Zhang, you can find a place to sit down by yourself. Anyway, you don’t regard yourself as an outsider. Peng Gang was also surprised by Feng Xiaochen’s youth. He quickly exchanged a wink with Zhang Heping and then beckoned several people to sit down. After a few pleasantries, Zhang Heping told Peng Gang that Feng Xiaochen wanted to get a driver’s license. Without saying a word, Peng Gang picked up the phone on his desk and called a police officer. He told him, “Xiao Liu, you take this Director Feng to test the car and test all the subjects at one time.”. If he is qualified, he will be given a temporary license. Director Feng is in urgent need. Then he turned around and said to Feng Xiaochen apologetically, “Director Feng, I have to explain one thing first. Driving is not a casual thing. We have to take the test according to strict requirements. This is also responsible for your safety, isn’t it?”? If you can pass the exam, then I can give you a temporary license right away. You can use it first, and then make up the formal one later. If you don’t do well in the exam. Then I’ll apply for a practice license and go back to practice for a while. Captain Peng is right to be so strict, and I have no opinion at all. “Feng Xiaochen said.” All right, well, would you like some water? If not, then go back quickly. I’ll be the host in the evening and invite Director Feng and Master Xing to dinner. Peng Gang said. Feng Xiaochen thanked Peng Gang and Zhang Heping and went out with Xing Bencai and the police officer Xiao Liu. Xiao Liu police officer did not know what Feng Xiaochen is, listen to Peng Gang call him director, and see Peng Gang tone is quite polite, he regarded him as a leader, words are not without respect. Seeing several people leaving, Peng Gang went over to close the door and handed Zhang Heping a cigarette. Then he asked with a smile, “Lao Zhang, what the hell are you doing? Is this Director Feng one of yours?” Zhang Heping, of course, is not a buyer. The so-called material trading company where he works is a real one, but it is just a cover. Zhang Heping’s real identity is a director of the national security department, who works on the mysterious front under the cover of his identity as a purchaser. Peng Gang, once a comrade-in-arms of Zhang Heping, retired from active service because of injury and was assigned to be a deputy captain of the traffic team. He also had close ties with the security department on weekdays. Zhang Heping came to look for him this time, but there was nothing important, just a routine exchange of information, did not expect to meet Feng Xiaochen such a thing. This young man is not one of us. He works in the State Economic Commission. When I came back from the north this time, I met him once on the train. Zhang Heping explained. Ho ho, once you met him, you helped him find me to open the back door. Do you think the back door here is too worthless? Peng Gang said half jokingly. “Just hear me out,” said Zhang Heping. At first, I just chatted with him on the train and made friends with him. At that time,shuttle rack system, he did not disclose his identity, but said that he was working at the purchasing station of Linbei Heavy Machinery in Beijing. Yes, it was the place where the driver Xing worked just now. I saw that he was young and really believed it. 。 jracking.com

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