Dubai Made History Became World’s 1st 100% Paperless Govt

The Dubai government is now the first government of this type worldwide that operates entirely paperless. There is no need for paper used in the 45 government offices. This will not only help the environment but the Government will be able to save millions each year.
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates and Crown Prince of Dubai has declared that the Dubai government is the first worldwide to be completely paperless. This has resulted in savings of 1.3 billion dirhams ($350 million) and 14 million working hours.

All external and internal transactions, as well as processes, have gone percent digital in Dubai. The system is overseen by an extensive digital government service platform. This paperless strategy was implemented across all government agencies.
It’s a significant day for all aspects of Dubai’s development process. The new era of Dubai is starting to digitalize people’s lives. It will be a different and brand-new experience. The Crown Prince has stated that his administration is working hard to improve the digital experience in Dubai more efficiently and modernly in the coming five years.
Sheikh Hamdan stated that achieving this goal is the start of a new chapter in Dubai’s quest to digitalize every aspect of life. The foundation of this endeavor is creativity, innovation, and an eye on the future. Paperless policies of the government were implemented by the state in 5 phases. The Dubai government is sure to benefit from this initiative. Going paperless won’t just save money, but also human resources.
The Dubai government can save about $2700 million every year. The base of this project was laid in the year 2018 and is an excellent step from an ecological perspective.
All external and internal transactions and processes within all aspects of the Government of Dubai are now completely digital and controlled by a fully digital government service platform. The accomplishment of this goal will mark the beginning of an entirely new phase of Dubai’s quest to digitalize every aspect of its life.
The Dubai paperless policy was implemented over five successive phases. Each phase involved different groups within the Government of Dubai. In phase five the strategy was adopted across all 45 departments of the government within the Emirate. The departments offer 1 800 digital services and more than 10,500 transactions.
The total digital transformation of the Dubai Government will enrich the digital experience of everyone living there, getting rid of papers and paper documents. They can be given to customers or traded with employees from government organizations. This will help create exceptional experiences for residents by utilizing the DubaiNow app, which gives access to more than 130 services for smart cities in 12 major categories.
The use of paper is completely gone in Dubai. Many Western countries are trying to reach this goal, like America, Britain, and Canada. These countries are always making efforts to upgrade their services and technology however, due to the ever-growing threats to cyber security; this road isn’t easy for them. This achievement will mark the beginning of a new era in Dubai’s quest to digitalize every aspect of life.
All transactions, both external and internal, and processes within all processes of the Dubai Government are now 100 percent digital and run through a complete digital government service platform. Sheikh Hamdan declared that the achievement of this goal signifies the beginning of a new era in Dubai’s quest to digitalize all aspects of daily life. The foundation of this project is creativity, innovation, and an eye on the future.
The Crown Prince described this as the beginning of a new era Crown Prince Mohammed bin Rashid said that this is the beginning of a new era. Dubai Crown Prince stated that in the next five years the government will strive to modernize and improve digital services.

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