Gain knowledge again! The original titanium welded pipe is so widely used in the ~ _ industry.

Original title: Knowledge increased again! The application of the original titanium welded pipe is so extensive ~ Titanium is a chemical element, chemical symbol Ti. Titanium is abundant in nature, but it is considered to be a rare metal because of its difficult extraction process. Titanium is widely used in aviation, aerospace, biomedical, chemical metallurgy and other fields because of its low density, strong thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and other physical properties, and is known as “space metal”, “marine metal”, “modern metal” and “strategic metal”. The development of titanium and titanium alloy shows a country’s national defense capability, and has a very important guiding significance for the development of economy and science and technology industry. The development level of titanium industry is an important symbol of a country’s comprehensive strength. However, due to the complex extraction process of titanium element,ti6al4v, the development of titanium welded pipe production technology in China is not mature, and the titanium welded pipe industry in China started relatively late, so the early development of titanium welded pipe industry is relatively slow. In the early stage of the development of titanium welded pipe, although China introduced a complete automatic production line of small-diameter titanium welded pipe from abroad, the production of titanium welded pipe in China was inhibited because the raw material titanium coil and strip for the production of titanium-welded pipe in China at that time was totally dependent on imports and the price was expensive; In addition, due to multiple difficulties such as technology introduction and raw material procurement,nickel titanium wire, domestic titanium welded pipes have not really had the ability of mass production. Let’s take a look at the application of titanium welded pipe! Application of Titanium Welded Pipe At present, titanium welded pipe has become the preferred pipe to replace stainless steel pipe, copper-nickel alloy pipe and titanium seamless pipe in many industries. 1. Application in seawater desalination In the past, most of the condenser tubes in seawater desalination equipment in China were made of copper alloy tubes, but their corrosion resistance was poor, and with the increase of copper price, the cost increased a lot. Later, stainless steel welded pipes with good corrosion resistance gradually replaced copper alloy pipes and became the main material for condenser pipes. The application of titanium welded pipe is also gradually expanding, and many countries are more willing to use titanium welded pipe with high cost but better corrosion resistance. 2. Application in power industry Both thermal power plants and nuclear power plants need a large number of heat exchanger devices, Titanium welding pipe ,titanium round bar, such as condensers, condensers, heat exchangers and so on. Most of these power plants use seawater as cooling medium, and titanium welded pipes with corrosion resistance and long maintenance cycle are generally used as cooling pipes. Expand the full text 3. Application in petrochemical industry In some fields of petrochemical industry, such as the cooler used in the process of crude oil refining and p-xylene production, it is not suitable to use stainless steel welded pipe, which is very prone to pitting corrosion, so titanium welded pipe must be used. In the chemical industry, many corrosive devices can only use titanium welded pipe to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the time and frequency of maintenance. 4. Sports industry Stainless steel welded pipe is mainly used in sports equipment, but titanium welded pipe is also widely used in sports goods, such as golf clubs, bicycle frames and so on. 5. Application in aerospace industry In the field of aerospace, titanium welded pipe has incomparable advantages compared with stainless steel welded pipe. It can not only reduce the weight of the aircraft, but also prolong the service life and reduce the maintenance time. Since the founding of New China, the rapid development is not only the economic strength that lagged behind the world, but also the rapid improvement in scientific and technological innovation. However, the improvement of science and technology has made great contributions to the progress of titanium welded pipe industry, and the production process and quality level have been greatly improved, so titanium welded pipe has been widely promoted in many industries. With the deepening understanding of titanium welded pipe, the use of titanium welded pipe in the petrochemical industry will be recognized by the market, the scope of use will be wider and wider, and the market share will be larger and larger. Compared with the common transmission pipeline, the investment cost of titanium welded pipe is higher. However, because the service life and maintenance cycle of titanium welded pipe are due to other pipelines, the investment cost of titanium welded pipe in the early stage will be compensated. If titanium welded pipe is used in the pipeline system, the maintenance cost can be reduced to a certain extent, and the output can be increased, so as to improve the profit margin. However, due to the high cost of titanium extraction and the fierce competition in the titanium welded pipe industry, the price level of titanium welded pipe has been at a low level. In the face of changes in the development trend of the global titanium industry, the industrial chain related to titanium will be affected to a certain extent, just like the food chain in the ecological environment. Once a link changes,6al4v titanium bar, the movement will affect the total energy of the entire food chain. Then the future development trend of titanium welded pipe predicts that the price will be adjusted downward. At this time, the upstream suppliers of titanium welded pipe industry should also keep up with the changes in the supply chain in time, so that the whole titanium industry chain will develop. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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