Help to find out the name of this violet flower

I saw this cute plant with violet flowers, which have interesting butterfly-looking petals and yellow centers in Australia. I am not sure if it is native for this country or not. 

Please, help me with this flower identification. What is it scientific name? Thank you in advance.

Violet flower identification

Vice Professor Asked on August 4, 2016 in Flowers.
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    This plant looks like Solanum linearifolium or a Mountain Kangaroo Apple (family Solanaceae), an Australian endemic.

    Vice Professor Answered on August 6, 2016.
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    I think Solanum aviculare, commonly called poroporo (New Zealand), kangaroo apple (Australia), or New Zealand nightshade.

    Reviewer Answered on August 6, 2016.
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    I think it is Solanum laciniatum. One of the Kangaroo Apples. S. laciniatum is often confused with S. aviculare, but is distinguished by the rotate corolla with notched lobes, the yellowish fruit and larger seeds.

    Solanum aviculare has smaller, flowers (usually pale blue, sometimes dark purple, white or striped blue / white) with acute corolla lobes, it has smaller seeds (up to 2.0 mm long) and is found on the Kermadec Islands, North Island, northern South Island and Chatham Islands of New Zealand, while  Solanum laciniatum has much larger, rotate, darker purple flowers with broad, flared (ruffled) corolla lobes with rounded apices, larger seeds (2.0-3.0 mm long). It is mostly found south of Auckland and is very common in the southern North Island, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands.

    Solanum laciniatum is the most commonly found species overseas where it is often incorrectly called Solanum aviculare.

    Vice Professor Answered on August 6, 2016.
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