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Nangong Chang Shuwei frowned and said, “Why are the wind and rain whips coming out of the mountains again?” Lu Yixian said, “If I were a friend of the underworld now, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even want to talk about these festivals any more. As soon as they arrive, I’d start right away.” Lady Nangong laughed and said, “No wonder you already have a million yuan. So you’re so familiar with the current robber market..” Looking at Nangong Ping with a smile, he suddenly stopped. In the face of a formidable enemy, the three of them were still talking and laughing freely, as if they had not seen in their eyes the “double whips of wind and rain” that had run amuck for a time. Nangong Ping thought to himself, “So my mother could talk and laugh when she was a teenager.” There was another loud shout outside the window, saying, “Yes or no, answer quickly. If you shout three times, the brothers will break in.” Then someone snapped, “One!” As soon as Lu Yixian’s arms fluttered, his figure suddenly grew. “I’m not old yet,” he said with a smile. “How are you, boss?” Nangong Changshu stroked his beard and said with a smile, “I’m not old, brother.” Lu Yixian laughed and said, “All right!” Suddenly he clapped his hands on the side of his waist and heard the bell ring. “Now?” He said with a smile. “Of course,” said Nangong Changshu. Lady Nangong chuckled and said, “Well, your brother’s flower bell is still there, but my flower is old.” There was another loud shout outside the window: “Two!” Lu Yixian laughed wildly and said, “My brother is not old. How can you be old, boss? Is the vanguard still the younger brother?” “Good,cantilever racking system,” said Nangong Changshu. From the exit of the word “good”, Lu Yixian suddenly jumped up, turned over in the air, and landed on the stretched buttocks of Nangong Changshu. Nangong Changshu snapped, “Go!” As soon as his palms were turned over and sent off, Lu Yixian’s figure flew straight out like an arrow from the bowstring. Just listen to the sound of “Peng”, the hall door opened, then “Ding Dang”, a golden thread, flying from outside the door,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and a golden thread, flying from the palm of Nangong Changshu! As soon as the jingle rang again, the two golden threads tangled together. Nanguan Changshu shouted, “Come on!” There was an exclamation outside the door. With a sound of “whoosh”, Lu Yixian’s body flew straight back. On his left palm, there was a gold thread wrapped around his left palm, but on his right palm, he grabbed a tall old man by the neck. Lu Yixian threw his palm and threw it heavily on the ground. It was the wind in the “wind and rain double whip”! Nangong Ping gasped, in the heart I do not know is surprised? Is it Pei? Staring at the place, only to know that the two gold thread above, both ends of each have a pair of golden bell, Lu Yixian body by the south officer Chang Shu palm force to fly out, the palm of the golden bell has flown in, Nangong Chang Shu palm of the golden bell also flew out, two pairs of golden bells, gold thread knot, Nangong Chang Shu palm force recovery, Lu Yixian hit in the air, catch any wind, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,drive in racking system, has taken advantage of the situation to fly back, Really is its go like an arrow, its back like the wind, come and go empty, urgent as lightning, even if the other side is first-class skill, but also to be caught unprepared, unable to guard against. Nangong Ping felt a surge of blood in his heart. He couldn’t help blurting out, “What a protective bell!” “Outside the hall, however, there was chaos again. An old voice shouted wildly,” Are the three friends of the wind and dust in the hall? ” Nangong Changshu and Lu Yixian looked at each other with a smile, only to see Ren Fengfeng struggling to turn over and climb up. His face was pale and full of horror. He said in a trembling voice, “It’s really the three friends of the wind and dust!” “I haven’t seen you for years,” said Lu Yixian with a smile. “Do you still know my brother?” With a deep sigh, Ren Guofeng bowed his head and said, “I don’t know you three, but I will never forget the unique skill of striking electricity with a rainbow and killing the golden bell.” Lu Yixian laughed and said, “a startled rainbow strikes a golden bell, and the sound of the bell shakes the soul..” Ha-ha! Elder brother, I didn’t expect that the game you and I practiced by chance was said to be a martial arts stunt by Jianghu people. “With a sudden laugh, he turned his head and said,” Since you still remember my brother, have you forgotten the solemn oath you made in front of my brother in the past year? ” Ren Fengfeng hung his head and said with a sigh, “If I knew that the owner of Nangong Villa was the cold-faced Qingshan guest among the three friends of the former wind and dust, I would not dare to step into Nangong Villa.”. “Now that you know,” said Lu Yixian coldly, “what should you do now?” There was still chaos at the foot of the foreign minister’s office. Ren Fengfeng looked back and shouted, “Qin Laoer, take the brothers out of the villa one mile away. The three friends of the wind and dust are here!” As soon as he shouted, Qin Luanyu swept up. Turning his eyes, he changed his color and said, “It’s really the three heroes. I can’t imagine that my brother has been training hard for twenty years, but he still can’t stop Master Lu from hitting him in the air!” In the storm, someone at the foot of the stairs shouted in a harsh voice, “What three friends of the wind and dust? My brother has come a long way. Can he return empty-handed with these words?” Dozens of figures swarmed up. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 14 Bitter Rain and Wind (2) Small-say-t-xt-day. Don The “Three Friends of the Wind and Dust” looked dignified and silent. Qin Luanyu suddenly turned around and said, “Who said that?” Two men in brown clothes, short and pithy with twinkling eyes, hustled their arms out, and a man on the left said coldly, “If you want a good friend to walk, at least you have to take out some real things. Can you do it in a few words?” A man on the right looked back and shouted, “Brothers, is that right?” The crowd answered in a disorderly manner. “So it’s Lord Bai,” said Ren Fengfeng with a smile. He walked up to them with a smile and then said, “So what do you want?” A man on the left said in a low voice, “The brothers have come from thousands of miles away. At least they have to earn a thousand taels of silver. Although you two are seniors, you have to take care of our bitter brothers.” Ren Guofeng laughed and said, “Is one thousand taels of silver enough?” Take it.. Double palm a turn, just listen to “bang!”! Bang! Two times, the Bai brothers cried out miserably. They spurted a mouthful of blood and rolled down the long steps. Ren Guofeng said with a smile, “Which other brother wants to take the money?”? There was no response, only to hear the sound of the cry gradually weak, and finally silence, leaving only the wind whistling, rain dripping, dozens of big fellow standing together, even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe. Ren Fengfeng’s face turned cold. “Go back,” he shouted. More than a dozen big fellow one by one face such as color,asrs warehouse, Qi to turn over the body, swarmed down the long steps, no one dare to look back.

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