I have an adventure house.

Jiang Xiaohu?! Isn’t this Jiang Long’s child? I just saw it in the painting in room 104! Staring at the screen, Chen Ge took a long time to react: “In such a big room, there is only a certificate of merit. What do you want to express?” He couldn’t figure it out, so he manipulated Xiao Bu back to the first floor and opened the door of the secret passage to enter it. The beautiful and lovely style of painting becomes spooky in an instant. On the ground are the petals of sunflowers that have withered. There seems to be an eye opening and closing between the bricks of the secret passage. It feels like a dream has turned into a nightmare in an instant. Boss Chen, you must be careful from now on. Danger may come from any place. If you don’t pay attention, you will die. Fan Cong also became nervous, holding the coke can and staring at the screen. Out of the secret road, see the bus platform and the red raincoat woman, in front of the plot Fan Cong has been raiding, Chen Ge just need to make the right choice. You said the plot was stuck. Where is it stuck? Chen Ge has successfully passed the previous passes, shaking off the red raincoat, evading Ma Fu’s tracking, getting rid of the drunken artist, the whole operation is flowing,coltan ore processing, Xiao Bu seems to be alive under his control, very flexible. After dark, you can’t walk on the street, otherwise you will die inexplicably. You have to hide in the building. Fan Cong pointed to the top of the screen: “Do you see the color of the sky?”? Now it’s gray and black, and when it’s completely black, it’s dark. The details of this game are very good. “What should I do now?” Chen Ge manipulated Xiao Bu to stand at the crossroads,Portable gold trommel, somewhat confused. According to my previous experience, there are ten minutes before dark, you must find a safe house for Xiao Bu in these ten minutes, and I am stuck in this place. Fan Cong put down the coke and scratched his head: “You can’t get into an ordinary house at all. I tried a lot of places. After dark in the whole town, only the hotel and the apartment building where Xiao Bu’s home is located can enter normally.” “Then you can’t let her go home?” “There was a corpse in her house, a female ghost in the neighbor’s house, and a murderer was dismembering the victim in the grass under the building. I tried countless times, but there was only one end when I came home, and that was death.” Fan Cong’s eyes are swollen: “After dark, the difficulty of this game has soared ten times, portable gold wash plant ,gold cil machine, leaving no way out!” “It’s really too much. Then let her go to the hotel.” Chen Ge is still very calm, he is still calculating the time at this time. It’s even worse to go to a hotel. The shopkeeper is a psychopathic killer in disguise, the cook is a mentally abnormal madman, and the tenants are all cold except for Xiao Bu. Fan Cong seems to have finally found someone to complain: “This afternoon, I was so cruel that I chose a hotel. As a result, I was chased by the shopkeeper for 20 minutes. The person who designed this game is a pervert. Xiao Bu died as soon as he touched it, which is tantamount to saying that the whole game player will die. If he dies, he will start from scratch.” “According to you, this is still a game of operation?” “The only way I can think of to get through now is to play hide-and-seek with the shopkeeper all night and leave the hotel at dawn. There is no other way to get through the night.” Fan Cong broke the pot. Let me try. Chen Ge looked at the table below: “There are still seven minutes before it gets dark in the game. I’ll go to Xiao Bu’s house to have a look first.” He manipulated Xiaobu to come to a fairly high-grade residential area in Liwan Town. After the change of painting style, the warm residential area became cold and gloomy, and all the enthusiastic neighbors disappeared. You will die if you go home. Fan Cong can’t bear to watch any more. Every time Xiao Bu dies, he has an indescribable sadness in his heart. This game seems to have affected him in reality. The grass rustled, and Chen Ge controlled Xiao Bu to stay away. She went directly into the family building, when the elevator just opened and a man in a black raincoat came out, with his head lowered deliberately. A chat box pops up at the bottom of the screen-you don’t see his face clearly, but you remember his physical characteristics. Taking the elevator back to his home, Chen Ge controls Xiao Bu to open the door, and the chat box appears again-you find your stepfather killed and lying in a pool of blood. Entering the room, three options popped up on the screen. One: Call the police immediately, and then ask the neighbors for help. Two: Find a needle and thread to sew up the wound for the stepfather, and make the stepfather into a doll. Three: Leave him alone, sleep. Chen Ge thought for a while and chose option three. Brother, calm down. As soon as he finished choosing, Fan Cong immediately stood up: “Are you sure you want to choose three?” “You also said that the neighbor is a female ghost, No.1 is a death option, No.2 is not in line with a normal person’s thinking, in comparison, it is better to choose No.3.” Chen Ge answered very seriously. Chapter 517 ordinary homicidal maniacs dare not compare with you (part two). “Do you think number three is in line with the thinking of a normal person?” Fan Cong covered his forehead with both hands and stroked his hair up. Fortunately, sleeping in a room with a corpse for one night is not totally unacceptable to most people. Chen Ge motioned to Fan Cong to sit beside him and take a good look: “Watching chess without words is really a gentleman. You should talk less, and I should also be serious.” The success of the game aroused Chen Ge’s interest. Don’t operate casually! I suspect that there is a ghost living in the game, if it is released, when you run away, what can we brothers do? Fan Cong has a sad face. When he sees Chen Ge’s earnest expression,coltan ore processing, he feels very uneasy. It won’t. Chen Ge no longer pays attention to Fan Cong and manipulates Xiao Bu to wander around the room. The body of his stepfather lay in the living room, still bleeding out. After choosing the third option, Xiao Bu in the game walked around the house as if he could not see his stepfather’s body at all. Her family lives in a big house. I wonder what Xiao Bu’s parents do? And why was there a dungeon key in her mother’s pajamas? Chen Ge is more and more curious about the plot. He manipulates Xiao Bu to enter the bathroom. The dialog box pops up again. You look at the mirror and find that there is no figure of you in the mirror. You hurry back out. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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