Is this a European barberry or Japanese barberry?

Hi! Please, help me to identify this barberry bush. Is this a Berberis thungbergii or Berberis vulgaris?

I was thinking to get this bush for my garden for hedges but then I read that it is not recommended to plant Berberis thungbergii or Japanese barberry as it is very invasive and has been extremely good at beating out native species for nutrients which results in the death of the local species.  

Berberis thungbergii or Japanese barberry can also raise the Ph of the soil where it grows, which will make it super difficult for anything growing around it to thrive. 

Also, I ‘ve heard that Japanese barberry is an exceptionally favorable environment for ticks due to the high humidity present in barberry’s dense foliage.

And what about Berberis vulgaris or European barberry? Is it also invasive or it is ok to plant it in the garden?

Looking forward to your answers! Thank you!

Here is the bush to identify (Took these photos in Ukraine):

Berberis vulgaris


European barberry

Supporter Asked on August 21, 2016 in Gardening,   Shrubs & Bushes.
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    It looks to me like this is Berberis thunbergii Royal Burgundy Japanese barberry….

    Doctor Answered on August 22, 2016.
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