Is this a purslane weed?

I’ve read that the common weed purslane is edible and good for health as well. Is this the purslane weed on the photos below? Just want to make sure before eating it 🙂

Did you use purslane herb for cooking? If yes, what do you do with it? What is your favorite recipe? Thank you! I am looking forward to your answers as it is the season and there are lots of purslane growing around :))

purslane or not?

Purslane weed

Purslane weed herb

Doctor Asked on July 31, 2016 in Cooking,   Herbs.
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    Yes, it is a Purslane or Portulaca oleracea. This plant is also known as verdolaga, pigweed, little hogweed, red root, pursley, and moss rose.

    Doctor Answered on August 6, 2016.
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    It is a purslane. You can read more about this weed here. There you can also find one recipe with purslane.  This plant is a weed to most gardeners, but is actually more useful than you can imagine. 

    Vice Professor Answered on August 6, 2016.
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