King’s Landing

To such an extent, it is completely beyond his concept. It was only the wind that overflowed from the blow that made him so angry that he had to withdraw thousands of feet again. Several of the clansmen around him were shaken by the wind, and the five internal organs were displaced and died on the spot. Helian sky over there, however, breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that he was about to die, the strong enemy suddenly escaped, and the feeling of the rest of his life after the robbery made his whole body ooze a dense layer of cold sweat. But at this moment, it is still unable to get away. Although Zhan Xue left, the Ten Royal Demon Sword Array was not taken away. Royal Water Sword, Royal Wind Sword, two super flying swords, and the shadow of a thousand swords, are still chopping back and forth outside. It is necessary to urge the True Qi to support the rune mask around the body to avoid its collapse. Helian took advantage of the gap in the sky to play several charms. Enhances this rune mask to the extreme. Then he took out a ball of tulle and clapped his hands together. After the tulle was opened, it covered him firmly. It is also engraved with numerous mysterious runes, combined with the mask around the body, which makes its power increase several times. Among the thousands of flying swords, only when the two super swords were cut on the water and wind, there was a violent shaking. It seems that the collapse is imminent. More than a thousand other sword shadows, although some of them can shake the rune mask, are difficult to break. Helian Changkong breathed a sigh of relief and was about to release two more Xuanbing to resist the blue and blue swords that made him jumpy. Out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly saw something in the distance. The comely young man smiled coldly. Is this the cover of the Little Heaven 49 Gui yuan? No wonder my Taishizu fell because of you. But do you think that this magical power is really unbreakable? Helian Changkong suddenly felt a burst of heart tightening, as if he had been grabbed with his hand,S Adenosyl Methionine, and was feeling extremely dangerous. Yue Yu has already turned his hand. A seal rose from the palm of his hand. When the wind rises, it turns into a hundred acres of square. Helian looked up in the sky in horror, only to see that under the seal in the sky, it was the four words’Lingzhen Liuhe ‘. There is also a magnetic force that attracts him from afar. Helian Changkong was trapped by the Ten Royal Demon Sword Array and could not move. Attracted by the magnetic force at this time, it is even more difficult to struggle. Can only watch, this huge seal like a hill, suddenly pressed down from a hundred feet high. And in an instant, Helian Changkong’s consciousness has completely dissipated from the world. Millions of stone huge force heavy pressure,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, his body around the small days 49 return to the yuan cover, but is unable to support for a moment, the whole person, even the yuan baby was crushed into pieces! Solved this Helian sky, Yue Yuwei shook his hand and took back the male and female ice flame swords that had been restored to their original state in the distance. Then look at the water cloud flying, still struggling. Every time Yue Yu used the method of splitting light and transforming shadows to get a hundred invisible cold soul swords, he cut them. The body will always turn into a red light, and be photographed by the map of the exterior and interior, little by little to the front. Empty has a magic magic power, but has never been able to use it. Only this non-stop use of the big sun Hongguang Dun, it has been overwhelmed. Yue Yu could not help smiling, and the dragon and sparrow fan flashed five colors again. One hundred and fifty needles of the Great Five Elements Extinction were shot out. Seeing the light needle coming again, Shuiyunfei’s eyes were already full of despair, and his body turned into a flash of red light to avoid it, but eventually he was taken into the space inside the painting by the map of heaven and earth. Yue Yu made a seal with his right hand, Kava Root Extract ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, and then stretched out his hand to make a distant move. The huge picture scroll, which was thousands of feet long, had been rolled up and returned to his hands. Yue Yu, on the other hand, conveniently threw it into the space of Sumi in his sleeve and then ignored it. That Shuiyunfei strength is good, but also repair the two magical powers passed on by the ancient East Emperor. However, no matter how strong this person is, no matter how fast the escape speed of the big sun rainbow light is, it is also difficult to get away in the big array of ten thousand swords in the picture. There will be a time when the oil dries up and is killed by ten thousand swords. On the contrary, the tears in front of him made him frown slightly. At the moment when he took back the picture of Qian and Kun, he saw tears returning to his feet, and countless black sand, stones, and mud rolled up wildly. The land of thousands of feet under his feet was cleared away, revealing a huge pit. Several layers of the spirit array below were also forced to break through. Originally with tears of grief back to the ability, this does not have the power to control the earth. However, infiltration with water can be indirectly controlled. In particular, the layers of sealed spirit array are all penetrated by the tears of sorrow with the true water of its original life, and it is difficult to work again. And at the end of the three thousand feet below, it was golden. It is a huge spiritual array made up of two sets of nine Xuanhao signs and countless spiritual stones. Inside, you can see a golden dragon with white hair and beard, showing the image of aging, sleeping. Tears of grief back to see this, suddenly is a howl of anger, is a person into a huge silver ice as long as a thousand feet, Shenzhou clouds and mists, graceful posture, a head slammed on the seal. All of a sudden, the bottom of the valley shook violently. The spirit array collapsed in an instant. And the golden dragon inside, at this time is also open the wheel of the giant eyes, first a blankness, and then inside will reveal a touch of light. But my son is back? The voice was powerful and dignified, with a sense of old age. Throughout the valley, this one is firmly suppressed by two vast dragon powers. Yue Yu, however, raised his lips slightly without any surprise, and covered his whole body with dragon scales. All of a sudden, the dragon soul, which was even better than the two, rose to the sky. At the same time, the fingers flicked. Countless Xuanxueteng seeds were buried in the soil. Chapter 608 flowers in the mirror and moon in the water. “Dragon Body?” Then it rises in this dragon’s power. Forcibly ran over the two huge dragons in the valley. No matter be tear 9 cities, still be tear sadness to return, all is Qi Qi eye belt shocked looked to come over. Then tears in the eyes of Ninetowns, Dun is full of fanatical luster: “Sad back to kill him for me!”! Take away the blood of the real dragon in this human body, you can advance the real dragon! Yue Yu also did not pay attention to, only with a thousand wood hairpin, urged those Xuanxue rattan species to grow crazily. But between the look, also a little more congealed. The demon king of unknown origin,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, who was suppressed by Zhan Xue, was not to be feared. Even the weakest Mahayana monk in the world can easily defeat the 13th-order demon king promoted by the high-level spirit beast. Zhan Xue can turn evil spirits into evil spirits, and his fighting power is so strong that he is far away from the early days of Mahayana in general victory. The reason why the woman has not been hurt so far is only because of the help from time to time who has just returned to tears.

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