Mad Arms King

And those who came to the caravan of the regular cabinet looked at each other, they knew that the town of good soldiers, but never thought it would be fierce into this turn, in the face of the three powers to join hands, was not many soldiers were separated, not only not hard, but played the three countries in a mess, what kind of power is this? Holding the soldiers’ hands, the residents jumped and jumped, and Ding Junhuo simply transferred a large amount of meat from the Ministry of Agriculture, and directly set up a running water table, eating for a day as a celebration. It took a day and a night to restore calm, and the residents returned to the city to carry out new production activities, so that the town of Fuyun, which had stopped, regained its momentum. The ashes of the dead were sent to the memorial hall, while the living were awarded a new round of medals. This time it was a large-scale battle, and naturally there were more opportunities for performance. Twenty third-class bronze medals were awarded, and even one third-class silver medal was awarded, breaking the record of the highest rank of medals. Not only Yin Zhengying but also three regimental commanders got the medal, after the regimental commanders and Sima at all levels agreed that Ding Junhuo himself, calm and calm, but also broke the enemy city, as the chief officer should get a high medal, but it is also a bronze first class medal, not even a silver. The only highest-ranking medal winner was a military doctor, a military doctor of the 2nd Company of the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Regiment. He not only fought bravely,cattle weight tape, but also responded flexibly on the battlefield. He saved 40 comrades, and the operation was handled in a very timely manner, enabling the soldiers to return to the battlefield in the shortest possible time. This was a great credit, but it was also a face for the military doctors. Because up to now, no military doctor has won any medals, and now, even those military doctors who have not won medals, when they walk, their chests are high. Look, we military doctors are men,Wheel tape measure, and the rank of medals is higher than that of division commanders. It is indisputable that such a person is indeed respected. The significance of the battle, not only proved the strength of the town of floating clouds, but also to all the people, all through the town of floating clouds declared, floating clouds town has the ability to stand in troubled times, naturally, has long been perfect in a mess, just waiting for the introduction of the commercial tax system will be introduced. Before the financial difficulties, Ding Junhuo did not think about the launch, and the administrative officials did not suggest that the feeling of tightening the belt to supply military and education was really not good, which almost drove Song Changyi of the Ministry of Commerce crazy. But if introduced before, will be subject to all kinds of resistance, even not for a long time, but now is not the same, the three allied forces have been defeated, and even once the siege plunder, such strength, enough to ensure the implementation of the law. The Provisional Law on Commercial Tax was officially introduced on the tenth day after the war. The provisions of the law have been compiled into a book and placed in the library. Anyone can borrow or even buy them. There are thousands of commercial tax laws, and the book is two fingers thick, Fish measuring board ,horse weight tape, explaining in detail the various possibilities and possible loopholes in the commercial tax law. As soon as the commercial tax law came out, all the businessmen were stunned. The biggest advantage of Fuyun Town was that there was no tax, no tax at all. Although the things sold were very expensive, they saved a lot of tax money. Now the tax was suddenly collected, and almost all the trading activities were stopped. Literate and knowledgeable people rushed to the library like a swarm of bees, and the legal books of the Commercial Tax Law were sold thousands of copies at once, which made the library earn a lot of management fees. But after reading the commercial tax law, all the people suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. For the caravan, there was only one commercial tax in Fuyun Town, a transaction tax. That is to say, no matter how many things you bought and sold, there was only one tax. After one tax, it was over. Unlike what they thought, there were hundreds of taxes in other countries. A transaction tax is 1% of the total transaction volume, which is not much, and the most important thing is that the Ministry of Commerce subsequently announced that due to the implementation of the Commercial Tax Law, all commodities in the big market will be reduced by half. Don’t underestimate this half, but it is also equivalent to 5%. In contrast, paying a tax will not harm the interests, and the more transactions, The more you earn. Because Fuyun Town is too small and its production capacity is limited, the value of commodities in Fuyun Town has not been reduced, but with the promotion, the value is getting higher and higher. In the big market, the most lively place is the newly built military exhibition hall, various types of knives and bows, unfortunately, crossbows are still not launched, so that these businessmen can not help but feel disappointed. A generation of nine life cat standard equipment on sale, vest type of protective suit, burning grenades, plus hang a life-saving medical bag, coupled with the bow, is simply an invincible weapon, if the caravan fellow everyone a suit, even if all the way to the western regions, unfortunately, the price is still high. These can be bought in the past, but the quantity is a little smaller, this time it is a batch launch, but also introduced several new weapons, one is the gun, of course, is the foreign trade muzzle-loading gun, the shell is also a black ball, filled with gunpowder, with a small tail behind. In addition to artillery, also introduced the floating cloud town army standard heavy equipment, standard three-string seat bow, painted black bow body sitting on the fixed seat frame below, three bow arms appear murderous. The foreign trade seat bow lowers the technological level in the making of the bow arm, which is difficult to improve, but it is much easier to lower it. The new three-string seat bow has a range of only 600 meters, not 800 meters as the military. On the upper string, the shaking gear was removed, and the rope pulley traction type of semi-automatic crossbow was used, which took a lot of effort, but it was much faster than the bed crossbow, and it was advanced equipment to shoot three arrows at a time. For the first time, the standard military seat bow was introduced. In terms of quality,fish measuring tape, it is several generations and several grades lower than the eight-string bow equipped by the army today. Today’s military eight-string bow, automatic stringing technology has matured. After pulling the bowstring directly, the split arrow or ordinary arrow can be strung and fired without manual loading. So it doesn’t matter that this standard three-string seat bow is sold out. 244 Hope in failure.

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