Madam _ you lost your vest again!

It was the first time Qiao Sheng had seen the man who called Yan Xi “that thing”. Class 9’s drawing board newspaper still did not leak out of the water, the forum and even the micro-blog have been fired for two days, still no effect. No one came out to claim it, and no one found out who it was. Can not hinder the popularity of Qin Ran, the blackboard newspaper is responsible for Lin Siran, nine classes can see the degree of Lin Siran’s hospitality to Qin Ran these two days. Because of this incident, Qin Ran’s popularity in Class 9 and the school has risen by more than one degree. Not only spread in the third year of senior high school, even the freshmen of the first year of senior high school also know that there is such a legendary school beauty as Qin Ran in the third year, and they all want to meet, but the freshmen of the first year of junior high school are not as bold as the senior two and senior three to go to the senior three teaching building. After school in the afternoon, Qin took a thermos cup to the school clinic. What’s the matter with the students recently? Even if the girls are poking around, how can the boys be poking around? “The earring on Lu Zhaoying’s ear reflects the light.” Master Jun, your charm has risen, and the boys can’t stand it? ” Cheng Juan did not speak. In the sunshine, the girl’s thin figure was stopped by a boy, who seemed to hand her a letter with a pink cover. The girl politely took over, the boy has not left, standing outside the school clinic, has been staring at the back of Qin Ran. Lu Zhaoying burst out laughing and said, “Hey, I came here for Qin Xiaoran. I finally met a person whose market is not worse than yours.” There was no expression on Cheng Juan’s face. He wore a shirt and some casual pants, outlined his slender legs, very sexy lines,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, a pair of eyes deep and misty, black and white, but no expression. Qin put down his things and went to the kitchen to have a look. Seeing Cheng Juan staring at herself, she paused and hesitated: “What’s wrong?” Cheng Gongzi withdrew his eyes and said calmly, “Senior three is very important. I think the most important thing is to study hard and not be distracted by other things.” Lu Zhaoying: “..?” Qin Ran nodded seriously, “thank you, I think so.” Childe Cheng, really obedient. Qin Ran went in. There were still people dangling outside. Mr. Cheng carelessly leaned back on the sofa and said,Magnesium Oxide price, “Lu Zhaoying, close the door.” The Lin family. Qin Yu sat at the table, somewhat absent-minded. The joy on Ning Qing’s face was undisguised. She spoke in a low voice: “I heard that Mrs. Feng likes you very much.” “Mmm.” Qin Yu was in a much better mood when she mentioned this, and she cheered up. Ning Qing’s eyes brightened, more happy, she gave Qin Yu a dish, “get along well with Mrs. Feng, that letter.” The Feng family has power and influence in the cloud city, and it is too difficult to make friends with the Feng family. Today, for the first time in so many years, Lin Wan is pleasant to herself. Ning Qing thought, looking at Qin Yu’s eyes more and more soft. She lowered her voice, only the tone that Qin Yu could hear. What’s the matter? Lin Wan, sitting opposite, also saw something wrong with Qin Yu and asked slowly. There is a parents’ meeting on Saturday. “Qin Yu came to her senses. She smiled. She could never say anything about Qin Ran’s painting. But she really got along with one thing. She seemed to hesitate to open her mouth.” The whole senior three has it. My sister is also a senior three. Mom, you go to my sister’s parents’ meeting and let my brother or father go to my parents’ meeting? ” 042 Qin Ran’s brother In front of a sentence, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Ning Qing was still smiling at the corners of her mouth. When she heard the words, she smiled slightly. She opened her mouth thoughtfully: “I’ll plan this thing. Don’t worry about it.” Hearing Ning Qing say so, Qin Yu’s lips were slightly pursed. She lowered her head and ate a mouthful of rice. Looking at Ning Qing’s posture, it was obvious that he did not intend to bring this matter to the dinner table. After dinner, Qin Yu specially looked at Ning Qing’s movements, saw her go outside to make a phone call, thought about it, or followed up. Ning Qing made two phone calls to Qin Ran, but the other party did not answer. She frowned and reluctantly called the third one. Qin Ran finally answered, his voice gloomy and concise: “What’s the matter?” “Do you have parents on Saturday?” Ning Qing pressed her temple. “I want to open the language. You call your aunt and let her go to your parents’ meeting.” The parents’ meeting was linked to the students’ grades and style of work. Ning Qing had held several parents’ meetings for Qin Yu. It was the first year of high school. There were several students in Li Airong’s class whose grades were not good. Those parents were named by Li Airong. Think of Qin’s daily habits and achievements, Ning Qing will certainly not give her a parents’ meeting. She is Qin Yu’s mother, Qin Yu in the school performance is good, the popularity is also very high, walking on the road can see others call her that is Qin Yu’s mother. Every time I hold a parents’ meeting for Qin Yu, I receive the attention of other parents. This two choose one, Ning Qing will never go to the parents’ meeting for Qin Ran. Qin Yu stood in the doorway, heard this sentence, she pinched her fingers, to be honest, compared to Ning Qing, she would prefer Lin Qi or Lin Jinxuan to help her open the parents’ meeting. Who would have thought that Ning Qing would not even consider Qin Ran. Qin Yu’s heart is depressed, at this time, she would like to hope that Qin Ran is not so bad. Qin Ran impatiently hung up Ning Qing’s phone, for the other side’s words, she just taunted the corner of the lips. Aunt’s two children go to school, uncle in the hospital, aunt on weekdays even to see grandma is to buckle the time to go, let her come to the parents’ meeting, Qin did not even think about it. She walked to the classroom with a thermos cup filled with water, her eyes gloomy, her face smelly, and her whole body emitting cold air. It doesn’t bother her that people are looking at her or whispering about her. Come to school a few days, Mu Ying has felt the heat of Qin Ran, whether it is the school’s post bar, or on the road, the topic is basically on Qin Ran, but Qin language, not many people discuss her. Qin Ran, after all, is a new student, the face value is also crushing Qin Yu, Qin Yu looks good, but these people have seen two years, more or less aesthetic fatigue, especially in the contrast of such bright colors as Qin Ran. Mu Ying is a freshman, still in military training, after dinner in the evening to continue training, today their class is cleaning the playground. When a group of people were walking on the road, they unexpectedly saw the topic of Wang Qinran walking on the road. Mu Ying, look,Magnesium Sulphate price, your school beauty cousin! Li Yuhan grabbed Mu Ying’s arm and whispered with an excited expression. As soon as Mu Ying looked up, she saw Qin Ran. She immediately waved and raised her voice, “Cousin Ran!” 。

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