Me, trouble water, make money [wear quickly]

Xiao Xie, however, dialed another number. It was the private hospital shelter that Lu Zigu had invested in before. The opposite side was quickly connected. It was the little nurse who had received her before. She reported her name as Lu Zigu’s wife and wanted to talk to her friends. Soon the voice of Wang Ke and the little girl Jingjing came from the opposite side, “Hello?”? Xie Yi? Are you all right? How are you? When will you come over? Thank you, sister, it’s very good here! It’s safe! Come here quickly! Hsieh breathed a sigh of relief when they said they were safe and well, and whispered, “I’m at the Center for the Protection of Immunized Persons.” My call time is limited. Listen, don’t ask. ” She took one look at Dr. Liao inside and whispered to them what she had seen and heard in the center, including what Dr. Liao had told her. She didn’t want to hide the victims. Tell this to the other immunized people, let them know the truth and be careful. Xiao Xie said, “I will find a way to rescue the immunized people in the center. If necessary, you will be responsible for meeting them and taking them to a safe place.” “Xie Yi.” Wang Ke couldn’t help saying, “What about yourself?”? What are you going to do? Why don’t you take it out first? Let’s discuss it together and take a long view. It’s too dangerous for you to be alone in the center. “You can rest assured.” Xiao Xie smiled. “I’m very safe now.” Xiao Xie hung up the phone and deleted the number before returning it to Dr. Liao. Dr. Liao didn’t think much about it either. He was full of his research. He directly arranged a new residence for Xiao Xie. The special ward outside his research room was used for clinical observation. He personally monitored it. He had the right to cancel the monitoring. Then that night, Xiao Xie began not to eat and drink a small amount of water to prepare for the next day’s injection, because the injection can cause vomiting and other adverse reactions, which is the safest way to do so. For the first time,rotary vacuum disc filters, the system was a little worried, “Does the host really have to make such a big sacrifice to cooperate with the research?” He wasn’t worried that his host wouldn’t be able to cope, but now he’s worried, because this broken world is really a little scary. Didn’t you give me the task to become a God? Xiao Xie lay in bed so hungry that he couldn’t sleep, so he bought the red and blue medicine of props to supplement his physical strength. The system was at a loss for words, “You can also give up the task..” “You’re trying to break my invincible record.” Xiaoxie is not afraid,MBR reactor, and so on tomorrow to remove the sense of pain, the most is nausea and dizziness, Dr. Liao will be for her emergency treatment, what can be the accident? That is to say, she was so hungry now that she tossed and turned in bed and looked at the countdown to the end of the day. There were only five days and 23 hours left. The door behind was suddenly pushed open, “the immune Xie Yi.” Xiao Xie turned around and looked over. It was Dr. Liao’s assistant who was in charge of her. He stood at the door and said to her, “You have been reported. The president has ordered someone to take you to prison.” Report? Xiao Xie turned over and sat up. Did Dr. Wang report her? But didn’t Dr. Liao say he would help her solve it? Why will she suddenly be arrested and sent to prison! “Come out.” The assistant urged her to come out. Xiao Xie stood up frowning and asked the assistant, “Where is Dr. Liao?”? I want to meet him. “Dr. Liao has a personal emergency and is not at the center tonight.” The assistant looked at her with regret and said, “I will help you when Dr. Liao comes back. Don’t be impulsive first. Don’t make trouble again. Follow them.” Xiao Xie thought about it, but also, Dr. Liao will certainly bring her back to do research, at this juncture she will not start. She followed the assistant, Rotating sludge scraper ,Wall Penstocks, and all along the way the lights in the center went out, leaving only a faint night light, a rare silence, and she heard only the footsteps of her and the sergeant who led her. She was taken downstairs for the first time since she entered the center. It was the same elevator. She was escorted out of the elevator to the lobby. She saw the sergeant in the lobby, who seemed to be from a unit she didn’t know. The leader was a lieutenant, who came forward and ordered Xiao Xie to go out. Xiao Xie was escorted by them with both arms and pushed into a prisoner’s car. As soon as he sat down, he saw a man sitting in the innermost part of the car, wearing a military uniform, a military raincoat, and a hat pressed low. She stared at him in disbelief until the car started and the man pulled down his raincoat and hat to reveal his face, and she was shocked to call his name, “Xie yuan?” “Shh.” Xie yuan pointed to her not to speak, and when the car was farther away, he got up from the car and rushed to her, reached out and pushed her on the back of her neck, and kissed her. Xiao Xie was fascinated by his kiss, felt his fingers gently touch the electric shock ring on her neck, loosened her, looked sideways at her neck, frowned, “You were injured by electricity?” “It’s all right, it doesn’t hurt much.” Xiao Xie looked at him and still couldn’t believe it. “Why are you here?”? And you are In charge of escorting me to prison? Xie yuan did not answer her, but held up her face and let her turn her head slightly to look at her neck, the anger in her heart, ah, “were all injured by electricity like this and said it didn’t hurt?” How did that bastard Liao Kang help him look after her? It really doesn’t hurt, she. Temporarily cancelled the sense of pain. But he sat there and looked up at him and said, “It didn’t hurt much before, but it hurt a little when you cared about me.” This said Xie yuan heart and heartache and want to laugh, he knew that she was acting like a spoiled child with him, the thought of her in the absence of his place was electric shock. His unspeakable anger. He looked at her, holding the palm of her face gently rubbed her face, she seemed thinner, “I’m sorry, I didn’t protect you, sent you to the center alone.” I should have taken you away. No one knows how angry he was when he learned from Liao Kang that Xiao Xie had fought back against Dr. Wang. What situation did she, a little girl, be forced into before she ignored the electric shock? The system sighed and wanted to tell him that it had not been forced into a painful situation. Host she just can’t eat a little bit of loss, not happy she will fight back. “I wanted to stay,lamella tube, and I knew that if I asked, you would fight for me.” Xiao Xie hugged him. The more he looked at him, the more he felt that he was really good-looking. His eyes were full of her. “Kiss me.” 。

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