Meng Ni.-Honey, it’s so hard.

Sleepiness was far away. He opened his eyes to look at her and saw that she was playing with his fingers intently. He carefully opened his palm and intertwined his fingers. Then he grabbed his hand and rubbed her delicate cheek. With his eyes closed, she kissed his hand, so gently and so touching. In the yellow light, he watched her actions with indescribable tenderness. “Traveling Clouds..” She suddenly opened her eyes and looked at his deep eyes. She smiled hesitantly. “Sorry to disturb you.” “Never mind.” “Why don’t you sleep?” He asked hoarsely. “I can’t sleep. I want to chat with you.” She smiled and put their intertwined hands on her chest. Smelling the fragrance of her question, he felt more peaceful and happy than ever before. “You smell good.” “A bottle of shampoo that costs a few hundred yuan is very popular with you.” She quipped. He smiled a little. “Did I ever tell you that you are beautiful?” “Yes.” “But I don’t mind hearing it a few more times.” “Mrs. Fang, you are very beautiful.” He said seriously. Her reward was to wrap her arms around his neck and snuggle into his arms. Is it true that after a quiet life, there must be some waves to cherish everything in front of us? Recent depression and irritability, as early as in the two people’s ears and temples, disappeared, the original displeasure in the heart was relieved by misunderstanding, and therefore realized a deeper level of joy and happiness. “Don’t be so tired anymore. Look at you, you have white hair.” She found the white thread hidden in his hair. “I hope you’re not implying that I’m old. That’s an insult to a man.” She could not help smiling,lamella clarifer, eyebrows smiling, eyes smiling, mouth smiling, the whole person immersed in laughter,Belt Filter Press, like intoxicating wine, so that he was intoxicated in this charming atmosphere. “We haven’t had a fight like this in a long time.” Mmm! I think so! But when we quarreled 12 years ago, it was even worse. You were so angry that you said you wanted a divorce. They leaned on each other and talked about the trifles of life, about their twelve years of memories, about the past, the present and the future. “I remember that after you gave birth to Shuwei, we had a big fight, and you moved to another room and never slept with me again.” “At that time, Shuwei was always crying at night. I was afraid that you would work too hard, filter nozzle ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and you didn’t like his noise. I was afraid that you would be angry.” He closed his eyebrows. “That’s because he monopolizes all your attention.” “He is my son, and naturally I have to love him and take care of him.” “Shuwei is hostile to me.” There was a hint of sadness in his tone. “Because he thinks that you are bullying me, that I am being mistreated by you, and that you are dictatorial.” “I seem to have a very bad image.” He said with self-mockery. “You have made your image so bad.” She grunted. “You don’t listen to what we say. You always insist on having your own way. You think you are right and arrange our affairs. You can’t blame others for your poor popularity now.” He sighed faintly. “Don’t blame me for sending Shuwei abroad to study.” Why don’t I blame you? You had to let Shuwei go abroad to study when he was so young. Can’t you study at home? Can’t you send him out when he’s older? He was only seven years old! He sighed again. It seems that you are going to blame me for this for the rest of your life. He is our only child. How can I not love him? But you spoil him too much. Our parents even spoil this grandson to the point of lawlessness. I don’t want him to be a black sheep in the family. She sometimes felt powerless when she thought of their spoiling of Shuwei in those years, and over the years, she could understand her husband’s pains more and more, but she was still angry when she thought that he had separated their mother and son. “Then you shouldn’t go your own way and break us up like this!” “Your son will always be a child in your eyes. Even if he is 20 years old, you won’t be willing to let him go abroad to study.” She was silent, as if she had acquiesced in his words. “Only when he lives alone can he learn to be independent. He still has a long way to go in this life. A man always needs to be honed. Otherwise, how can he grow up?”. She was silent again, knowing that he was actually thinking about his son. “And you were so cruel that you went to live with your son and didn’t come back for half a year.” Did she mishear? I can’t believe I heard him complain. Do you care? I think it’s all the same whether you have a wife or not. You’re still living a good life. She also feels very aggrieved! “When my wife runs away, what else can I do but force a smile?” “I came back that day, and I didn’t see you particularly happy.” At this point, she got angry again. “Of course I’m glad you’re back. If I didn’t care, how could I mobilize all the people to persuade you?” How could she think her husband was not good at words before? Look, every word he says is so reasonable that she can’t refute it. ‘Alas! In the twinkling of an eye, the book was so big that it seemed that not long ago he was running in the yard, and now he was so big that he wanted to fly high. Fang Yijing is also quite emotional, just a blink of an eye, there is a feeling that time flies like an arrow. “That year, you and I went to read a book. We originally agreed to stay for a week and take him to Disneyland. But on the third day, you said you had something to do and left alone.” She whispered. “At that time, Shuwei was so angry with you that he went to his room to cry, but he tried to be brave and didn’t say anything.” “I knew he was angry with me. I was leaving that day, but he wouldn’t see me off.” He sighed again. He admitted that he did neglect a lot of things for the sake of his work. “In fact, after your car left, he ran out of the house and chased after your car until it disappeared. Then he wiped away his tears and said nothing.” Thinking of the scene at that time, she could not help feeling distressed. He was disappointed that it was from these dribs and drabs that the relationship between him and Shuwei’s father and son became more and more strange. “It’s all right. You and Shuwei have a good relationship. At least you can make up for the regret in his heart.” First,Lamella Plate Settler, he was born to me, so naturally he has good feelings. There is the pride of being a mother in her tone. He knows you’re a H. Y.?. “Yes, my son has always been a big fan of my paintings.” She said with some pride. And I don’t even know the famous H. Y. That’s my wife. 。」 She gave a cry. “Don’t make fun of me.” 。

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