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Please, help my to identify this interesting plant with thick succulent looking stems and leaves. When it blooms it has yellow flowers. The plant is not tall and covers all ground around. I saw it in Spain, on the sea coast.  Do you know the name of this succulent looking plant? Thank you.

pic 1 plant for identification

Plant Identification

pic 2

Plant Identification Europe

pic 3

Plant succulents look recognize

Vice Professor Asked on July 6, 2016 in Succulents.
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    It looks like Delosperma, ‘delos’=evident, ‘sperma’=seed. It is a genus of around 100 species of succulent plants, formerly included in Mesembryanthemum in the family Aizoaceae. The family is common in southern and eastern Africa.

    Delosperma species, as do most Aizoaceae, have hygrochastic capsules, opening and closing with changes in humidity.

    Delosperma (comonly known as an Ice Plant) are an indispensable component of drought tolerant landscapes. The plant is sun-loving, and thrives well in very dry and hot environments. Delosperma have attractive succulent foliage, low spreading stems and bright flowers, which add color and texture to the garden floor. Flower colors may vary from pink, yellow, red, lavender… 

    According to the New Mexico State University extension, the common name, “ice plant” is because “they have bladder-like hairs on the leaf surface that reflect and refract light in a manner to make it appear that they sparkle like ice crystals” (or tiny glass beads). However, many other species of succulent so-called “ice plant” ground covers have smooth and hairless leaves.

    Ice Plant can be cultivated in a wide range of areas with a Mediterranean climate. Due to the low need for maintenance, it is suitable for urban environments and high temperature regions.

    Propagation is easy. Just take a cutting without a flower on. Strip a couple of bottom leaves off then replant in same soil. Will become established very quickly.

    Vice Professor Answered on July 10, 2016.
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    For sure Delosperma, yellow flowers variety.

    Reviewer Answered on July 17, 2016.
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