Need to find the name of this tree with velvet nuts or fruits

I am looking for the name of this tree. The nuts look to me like hazel nuts, but the leaves don’t look like a hazel tree leaves to me, because they are not oval but lobbed. Maybe it is from the same family as hazel though. Please, help me to identify this tree. Thank you!

What is this plant? (seen in France)

Tree with velvet nuts or fruits find the name

and the velvet green fruits or nuts

Tree with velvet nuts or fruits plant identification

Reviewer Asked on October 19, 2016 in Trees.
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    Those are not nuts, but flower buds. This bush is called the Rose of Sharon or Hibiscus syriacus. It is a flowering plant in the family Malvaceae, native to much of Asia. It is known by such common names as Syrian ketmia or rose mallow (United Kingdom), St Joseph’s rod (Italy) and Rose of Sharon (especially in North America).

    Hibiscus syriacus has been a garden shrub in Korea since time immemorial; its leaves were brewed into an herbal tea and its flowers are eaten. Hibiscus syriacus, also known as the Korean Rose is the national flower of South Korea.

    It was grown in Europe from the 16th century.

    Vice Professor Answered on October 20, 2016.
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    It’s Hibiscus. Hibiscus flower buds 🙂

    Doctor Answered on October 30, 2016.
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