New Year 2023, US Grave 3G Internet Network Technology

Kansas – The curtain for 3G in the United States has completely closed as of December 31, 2022. Lastly is Verizon Communications, which throughout December has cut off the connections of its customers using the internet technology network.

Disconnection causes devices that are still dependent on this network to no longer be able to process data, make calls and send messages. Verizon followed the steps of other major operators in America, namely AT&T which shut down 3G services since last February and T-Mobile a month later.

Verizon itself has repeatedly warned its customers about the end of the 3G period. Delayed since last 2019, the blackout was finally actually executed on December 31, 2022.

Simultaneously, Verizon is sending its affected customers with LTE phones. In its letter, Verizon said that the network on the devices of customers who are still using 3G will be frozen per day before the December bill is made.

After that, until one day before the February bill is issued, the device will only work for two things: emergency 911 calls and calls to Verizon customer service.

While 3G networks will still exist in other countries, Verizon’s deadline is the most recent in the United States. And the journey to December 31, 2022 has not been smooth sailing, as evidenced by several delays as Verizon had to ensure the outage had no significant impact.

The impact of stopping the 3G network by Verizon, among others, was that some of the car and truck network operations were forced to go offline. Likewise with parking meters. During the shutdown by AT&T it was even said to have caused delays in reporting the results of the voting in Michigan.

The reason behind the cellular operators in America retiring 3G networks is to help build new ones. As seen last month, T-Mobile’s latest 5G technology has taken advantage of the spectrum used by its 3G network.


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