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The statement shouted, “Ye Chang?”? You used to wait for us in the palace, and now you are leaving us to go to the palace? Ye Chang stretched out his hand to open the curtain and looked out. He said, Qi Shu, Shen Qi, Liu Yan and others, all dressed in bright clothes. He slightly turned his body sideways and let them see Su Fengnuan sitting lazily against the wall of the car. He said to them, “How can this year be the same as in previous years?”? You go to the palace by yourself. I’ll go to Su Fu first and accompany Aunt Su to the palace. People naturally saw Su Fengnuan, Qi Qi a silence, no words. Ye Chang put down the curtain, and the driver waved his whip and continued to go to Su Fu. — — — — Digression — — Pay attention to Xiziqing micro-blog: Xiziqing- This is the second watch. See you tomorrow. Chapter 127 preparation of dowry. The statement and others looked at the carriage of Rong An Wang Fu, which was far away, and for a moment they were all in love with each other. Until the carriage disappeared, he patted his thigh and sighed with emotion, “Alas, Ye Chang has fallen into it.” Qi Shu looked at the statement. “What did he fall into?” The statement said aloud, “Don’t you see?”? In his carriage sat Miss Su. A few days ago he went to the palace to ask for a marriage decree. Although he had lost his wife because of the prince’s accident, it was obvious that he was now showing off in the position of the son-in-law of the Su family. In my opinion, our brothers will have to stand aside in front of Miss Su and Mrs. Su in the future. Qi Shu Wen Yan also, “really did not expect ah!”! Doesn’t he dislike Miss Su? Why did you suddenly fall in love with her? Shen Qi shrugged, “who knows!”! My elder sister came home from the Hundred Flowers Banquet a few days ago and cried sadly for a few days. The statement was stunned. “Is your elder sister crying?” Shen Qi nodded, “yes.” The statement looked at him. “Doesn’t your sister like Ye Chang?” Shen Qi Wen Yan shook his head,L Methylfolate Factory, “No, I made a mistake. My sister used to ask me about Ye Chang. I thought she liked Ye Chang. Unexpectedly, she asked for my elder sister.” The statement patted his forehead and stared at Shen Qi, “can you make a mistake about that?” Shen Qi immediately retorted, “I don’t know what my daughter’s family is thinking.”? I thought my sister liked it, but who knows it wasn’t. As soon as I choked, I remembered what he had said to him in front of Ye Chang’s bed that day, belittling Shen Yan as useless. To put it bluntly,Thyroid Powder Factory, it was for the sake of Su Fengnuan. She had a good impression on Su Fengnuan, and naturally she could not help but be partial to him, hoping that Ye Chang would be enlightened. I don’t think so. It’s a mistake. He was speechless for a moment and simply waved his hand. “Anyway, whether it’s your elder sister or your younger sister, Ye Chang doesn’t like it, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it.” Shen Qi coughed, thinking that with Ye Chang’s temperament, whether it was his elder sister or his younger sister, he really looked down on it, which was the truth. Come on, let’s go to the palace first. Stated. Everyone nodded in unison, and a group of people went to the palace. Su Fengnuan’s face was always thick, and although she was specially shown to the public by Ye Chang, she was not shy. In the past, she secretly sneaked into Rong An Wang Fu without telling anyone, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, because she thought it would be better to hide it, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Now that Ye Chang asked for a decree to marry, the news spread all over the world, and there was no need for her to hide it. What’s more, Ye Chang did get the imperial edict of marriage in his hand. When the carriage arrived at Su Fu, the doorman opened the door, and Ye Chang and Su Fengnuan got out of the carriage and went inside. When the housekeeper saw the two of them entering the mansion together, he came forward and said with a smile, “Madam guessed yesterday, thinking that when the young lady came back, she would go to Rong’an Wangfu first, but she didn’t expect to be right.”. Now Madame is waiting for you two in the courtyard. Ye Chang nodded with a smile. Su Fengnuan listened to this a little bit wrong, just like she went back to her mother’s home, she was quite ashamed for a moment. Arriving at the main courtyard, Mrs. Su was studying the placed piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. When she saw them coming, she immediately said with a smile, “Xiao Chang, how is your body?”? I haven’t been to your house these days because I’ve been busy checking the warehouse and buying chores. Ye Chang smiled, “ordinary walking is not a big problem, much better, let aunt worry about it.”. ” Mrs. Su said to him, “You’ve only been raised for more than half a month, but you still have to take good care of it. You must not make any dangerous moves, otherwise it will be a lifetime thing to hurt your body.”. You can’t be just a little careless. Ye Chang nodded. “I know. Auntie, don’t worry.” Satisfied, Mrs. Su looked at Su Fengnuan and asked with a smile, “The Empress Dowager’s Hundred Flowers Banquet is different from the Emperor’s Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet. The Empress Dowager’s Hundred Flowers Banquet is a small group of young men and women competing together to enjoy the flowers. The Emperor’s Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet has already reported the list of young ladies competing, and the first three are to be rewarded by the Emperor.”. Although I did not report you, but in order to nip in the bud, you should also have a preparation, so as not to be in a hurry. Su Fengnuan looked at a pile of things in front of Mrs. Su and raised her eyebrows. “So, Niang, is that why you dumped the warehouse?” Mrs. Su laughed at once. “Not all.”. Xiao Chang had already got the imperial edict of marriage, so I thought it was time to prepare the dowry. “Then I will check the storehouse and find out these, so that you can choose one, so as not to lose my face.” Su Fengnuan rolled his eyes and said in silence, “Niang, it’s too early to prepare the dowry.” Mrs. Su immediately said, “It’s not early. The dowry of the daughter’s family should be prepared early. Now that you all have the imperial edict of marriage, you should prepare even more.”. Although your father said to wait for two years, but two years will pass in a flash, naturally you have to prepare early. How can I make do with my daughter? Naturally, I want you to marry in a beautiful way. Su Fengnuan was completely speechless. Ye Chang smiled and nodded, “Auntie is right, I have to prepare the betrothal gift early.”. After the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, I ordered people to prepare. Mrs. Su smiled when she heard this. “Well, it’s time to prepare early. Let’s prepare together.” Su Fengnuan looked at the roof of the shed and could not say a word. Mrs. Su waited for a while and then asked Su Fengnuan again,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, “You always have to take out one of the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting to meet the occasional need.” 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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