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“I don’t understand weird people like you.”. What’s wrong with makeup? It is natural for women to wear makeup 。 If one day you see a woman in the street without makeup, it must be a red rain or a sow climbing a tree. Xia Duo is very sure. Lan Ziyong raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Did you see a sow climbing a tree in the red rain today?” “What do you mean?” She works in Bao Dafu supermarket, selling cosmetics, whether walking on the street or passing by Zuoan counter, all women are heavily made-up. I didn’t even see anyone with light makeup, let alone no makeup. Lan Ziyong did not answer, but his black eyes, shining like stars, were locked on Zitong’s white face. Seeing this, Xia Duo suddenly understood. “Zitong,D BHB Factory, why don’t you make up all the time?” She said plaintively? Not even a little lipstick today. 。” No wonder she lost. “Duo, you actually look better with makeup.” Zitong heard the complaint in Xia Duo’s words and comforted her. When Xia Duo heard this, she raised her lower jaw and looked at Lan Ziyong provocatively. “You see, am I right?”? Sometimes makeup isn’t just for its own beauty. It can also attract the eyes of others and make them happy. Xia Duo spoke so clearly and logically that he forgot that this strange man’s skill in makeup was also uncanny. “Make up?” Lan Ziyong snorted: “Make up is a very particular art. Good makeup can really attract other people’s attention and give people a good mood. But He stopped, and the prickly light of his eyes wandered over Xia Duo’s little face with gorgeous makeup. It was only after a long time that I heard his conclusion in a strange tone: “The original intention of makeup is to cover up flaws,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and to achieve a balanced effect after slightly modifying its own deficiencies.”. And the most beautiful and moving makeup is to show the most touching clarity and cleanliness and the advantages of your own body, not to make you look like a thousand-year-old demon, not to mention spoiling your original pleasant facial features. It is simply-pour, people, stomach, mouth! “Lan Ziyong’s” mouth “is merciless, criticizing Xia Duo’s perfect makeup to the extreme. “You, you, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Glucono Delta Lactone, you!” Xia Duo was so angry that her throat was on fire and her eyes were smoking. Thick ~ It sounds like the same thing, but I don’t know if someone’s uncanny makeup skills in the rumor are just in vain. In fact, it’s an exaggeration to paint people like ghosts instead of ghosts. Ignoring her anger, Lan Ziyong looked up and took a sip of the drink gracefully before saying, “I don’t need other people’s affirmation. I just like to do what I like, not to get the approval of those gossips, especially..”. Someone like you. 。” Contempt eyes once again visited Xia Duo’s face, and then shook his head: “The woman who painted herself so that people don’t look like ghosts, you have so many artificial things on your body, if you really want to come to the interview, then I can give you an answer now-you dream!” “Ah ah ah ~ you this strange man!” Xia Duo suddenly jumped up from the sofa, staring at Lan Ziyong’s eyes as if he had a deep hatred! Nope From now on, the quarrel between them is over! “Where do I have a lot of artificial places on my body?” She was most concerned about this sentence. Do you dare to say that your eyebrows are not fake? Your eyelashes are not covered with layers of elongated mascara. ? Also ——” “Please!”! Now the girl who will not trim the shape of the eyebrows to make themselves look good in the eyes of others ah! ? Eh Except for the natural beauty of Zitong.. And where did I apply layers of mascara? ? At most Just a layer and a half.. Lan Ziyong handsomely climbed down the black hair in front of her forehead, and her line of sight drifted all the way down from Xia Duo’s face to freeze on her chest. Beautiful lips slightly open, just want to say something, but Xia Duo exclaimed two hands crossed in the chest quickly interrupted him: “You..”. What’s that look in your eyes? ? What What’s up? I I have the real thing here, no labor.. Of that 。” Thick ~ the eye of this strange man won’t be to install far infrared ray to have the function that understands a person’s heart? Why else would he keep staring at her breasts? ? Okay, she admits that the round bar on her chest is really not so big, because she wears a magic orthopedic bra, so it looks very.. Tempting 。 “Did I say what happened to you?” Lanzi looked at her in a funny way, and her thin lips were evil. “Or are you very guilty and afraid that I will see through it, so you want to cover it up?” With a bang, all the blood rushed to Xia Duo’s forehead. In an instant, her little face turned red and her eyes were filled with anger: “Then why are you staring at me all the time?”. I’m looking here ? People who want to molest others don’t have to do it so brazenly. ? “A hypocrite!”! “Duo, don’t be angry. You misunderstood Master Ziyong.” Zitong was surprised to see Xia Duo. It seemed that she was really angry. She couldn’t help defending Lan Ziyong: “I think the reason why Master Ziyong stared at you was to tell you..”. One of your buttons is open. 。” “Ga?!” When Xia Duo heard this, she looked down. Her little red face turned white in an instant, and her brain was petrified for a while. Then she turned to Lan Ziyong, who seemed to be smiling. She saw that his eyebrows were so high and his lips were so slanted. Suddenly,Quillaja Saponin, she felt a little ashamed. My God! She doesn’t want to live. ! Unexpectedly white eyes to such an extent. 。 What a shame! Home. Home ! She’s going to disappear right now in front of this strange man in this place. ! Forgetting to say hello or even what to say to Zitong, Xia Duo ran out of the lounge with a whoosh. “Huh?”? Duo ? Are you going back? ? Wait for me Zitong stood up and tried to chase, but Qianhao’s wrist was caught by a big hand. 。

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