Repost: What is this bush with bright yellow flowers?

Reposting this question, because I’m not sure the original answer is correct?

The original post is

Repost: What is this bush with bright yellow flowers?

Mean no disrespect, to the two people who posted, their reply. They posited this plant was Hypericum calycinum, a shrub, in the family Hypericaceae a/k/a Rose-of-Sharon, Aaron’s beard, Great St-John’s wort, or Jerusalem star. I’m certainly no expert, could be there are multiple varieties and this particular specimen is different than other more common varieties? Just theorizing because the individuals who replied seemed pretty sure of themselves.

Relatively confident the posted photo is identical to several specimens we once had, after a particularly harsh winter [3-4] years ago only a single plant remains. The photo appears to be of the same variety, it has a smooth woody stem, the leaves are not waxy, the plant flowers in mid to late summer and reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet, as the plant grows taller the weight of the branches tend to bough outward a little. It’s an attractive perennial, unfortunately I can’t attach a name.

Would really like to know what it is, anyone? The prior owner, of our home, hired the landscaper architect, so it remains unsolved.
If this is indeed a particular variety of St. John’s wort, can anyone provide a link to a site that sells it, I’ve looked and none of the species I’ve come across appear to be an exact match. Left a message, for the landscape architect, still have their contact info, if I hear back will post the outcome.

Appreciate your help!


Newbie Asked on April 15, 2020 in Flowers.
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    Was mistaken, the original answer was correct, landscaper got back to me, they shared that it’s Hypericum Hidcote, common name is St Johnswort.  A woody shrub, it is good to cut it back 1/3 to ½ way after it is done flowering, that will keep it more compact and it should flower better

    Newbie Answered on April 16, 2020.
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