Return of the God King of the League of Legends

I heard it from his words. The most fundamental reason is that he is playing ADC. He grabbed his position. Really, if you want a position, you should speak well. It’s not that you can’t play other positions. Stop talking, play well and trust your teammates. Yan Xiao did not speak again, for this kind of iron heart is to spray you, it is useless to say more truth, but there are other teammates can not bear to see, typing a word of advice, but this “want your life” is still unrelenting. How can this person be like this? He curses people for no reason. If he meets this kind of person, he will lose. What should I do? This is a game of life and death! Dong Qingyue saw this “want your life” said, is angry and worried, this is her promotion to the golden game of life and death, but she is not easy to hit this play-off round. Don’t worry, even if he hangs up, he still wins. If he really loses, I’ll give you gold. Yan Xiao heard Dong Qingyue’s anxiety, not from the soft voice to comfort, how to say also can not let the beauty and their double row when so aggrieved worry is not, and hit the gold that is not a matter of minutes. Over there Dong Qingyue heard the words of Yan Xiao, the heart is also inexplicable with confidence, and even a little warm feeling. As the campus beauty of Tianzhong, Dong Qingyue is not only in Tianzhong, but also not as enthusiastic as other boys. But speaking unconsciously can make you feel warm, especially the way he plays games attentively, really handsome, thinking about it, Dong Qingyue’s face can not help but emerge a touch of blush. Entering the game interface, the player called “Kill You” finally quieted down a little. Because with Dong Qingyue, most of the people in the row are gold 4 gold 5, Yan Xiao this gold 1 Duan undoubtedly stands out from the crowd,whirlpool hot tub, this “want your life” may also see the Duan of Yan Xiao, just a little quiet. Yan Xiao simply looked at the line-ups, their side is on the single barbarian king, in the single angel, playing wild sword saint, down the road is Delevine and Qin female, can be said to be a crisp skin line-ups, but the crisp skin belongs to the crisp skin, but the damage is high, these five heroes,hot tub wholesale, no matter which one, to the later period that is to play a blood existence, and the barbarian king has a big move, the angel also has a big move. Although there is no hard front row, it is not particularly empty to fight. Relative to their side of the crisp, the opposite of the line-ups is just the opposite, special meat, on the single stone man, in the single crow, playing wild a Mu Mu, down the road is male gun and day female, each is very meat, is the male gun, that is also known as the highest double resistance inside the ADC, of course, if you take a crab out of the meat, that’s another matter. The opposite line-ups is so good, Delevine, you are waiting to be seconds. This ID is called “want your life” person is playing in the single angel, he finally stopped for a while, this is just on the line, indoor endless pool ,endless swimming pool, and added a sentence. In this sentence, Yan Xiao understood one thing, this can not be believed, he must always remember that he did not have the angel’s big move to protect himself. This man is so annoying! When Dong Qingyue saw that this “kill you” was still being said, she could not help frowning, pouting and muttering. It’s all right. He’ll hit himself later. Yan Xiao manipulated Delevine to the line, while comforting Dong Qingyue, while mending the knife, of course, while mending the knife, he did not forget to consume the opposite male gun. After all, is the gold 5 male gun, walking in front of Yan Xiao is simply full of loopholes, this has not risen to the second level, has been beaten by Yan Xiao only half blood, and Dong Qingyue stood beside Yan Xiao, simply do not know what she should do, she learned is BSP; “Grab two, go up to him, don’t be afraid.” Yan Xiao took a look at the small soldier’s blood volume, raised his hand to fill the last knife, while telling Dong Qingyue, Dong Qingyue reacted to come over, and then Mengmeng upgrade good skills, Yan Xiao has crossed the line of soldiers directly to the male gun cut up. On the opposite side of the day, the woman saw that Yan Xiao was so aggressive. She raised her hand, which was an e skill. Of course, it was gorgeous and empty. Not only was it empty, but that skill was also a million miles away from Yan Xiao. Yan Xiao hardly needed to walk. She just walked a and chased the man to shoot directly and easily to avoid the skill of the woman. The blood volume of the male gun dropped crazily, and soon the blood volume bottomed out. He opened the treatment in a panic. At this time, the Japanese woman put on the weakness of Yan Xiao, but the problem was that if he put on the weakness of Yan Xiao, would he give up? He directly unrelenting chase behind the male gun output, the male gun was forced to hand over the flash, Yan Xiao is also unambiguous, directly with a flash, took away the last amount of blood of the male gun. Chapter 51 go with the killing sword. “firstblood” Hearing the sound effect of the system, Dong Qingyue had not yet reacted. Just now, when Yan Xiao reminded her that she was about to reach the second level, she was ready. But Yan Xiao’s action was too fast. When she added her skills and prepared to go up to the male gun, the male gun had been chased by Yan Xiao for half a street. She followed behind and had no time to release any skills, so she watched Yan Xiao give way to the control of the Japanese woman. With the weakness of the Japanese woman, she killed the male gun directly in the case of male gun treatment and flash, and got a blood, but she didn’t even have an assist. Never mind, keep killing Japanese women. Yan Xiao also seemed to notice that Dong Qingyue did not follow up, listening to her do not speak, thinking that she was depressed did not get assists, while turning the spearhead to the Japanese woman, while saying to her. Dong qingyue this just react to come over, directly to the day female is a Q skill, plus save a good crit, unexpectedly also knocked out a lot of the amount of blood of the day female, and talk Xiao in Dong qingyue Q skill under the halo, output is directly burst table, to the day female crazy output, day female also had to hand over the flash. Kill again in the next wave. See day female hand over flash, talk about Xiao also did not chase again, but directly chose to return to the city, get a blood plus the money to fill the soldiers, talk about Xiao could have just put together a vampire war money, but talk about only out of a dagger, bought a few bottles of medicine went out. Dong Qingyue also followed Yan Xiao back to the city, because she did not get a blood assists,outdoor spa manufacturers, she did not have much money, can only buy an eye, and follow Yan Xiao out.

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