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After going on the road again, he Ming’s voice is very light: “Bai Ling, I want to open a toy gift shop during the summer vacation!” ” Bai Ling giggled, “He Ming, I remember you told me.” He Ming said in astonishment, “Have I told you?”? I don’t remember! Do you agree? Bai Ling said with a straight face, “I think you are a very economically minded teenager. Of course I agree!” He Ming laughed twice: “Then you certainly don’t know, this toy gift shop, I want to be the boss myself!” ” Bai Ling grinned and said, “Do it!”! Do it! I hope you can become a big boss, just like the owner of Limin Electrical Appliance Store, which sells household appliances in our county. He Ming smiled and said, “I’m sure I can.” He said in his heart that Limin Electrical Appliance Store was a fart. My future super shopping mall was ten thousand times stronger than Limin Store. He advertised on CCTV every day. The next period of time, because the final exam is coming soon. In He Ming’s class, both those who love learning and those who don’t love learning work harder than usual. With the efforts of He Ming, the class atmosphere is much better than last semester, the atmosphere is better, and some people who want to make trouble feel embarrassed,sodium cyanide price, and with He Ming, they dare not act recklessly. Strong fists and strong strength are the guarantee of prestige. Several other classes are a bit unsatisfactory, or so messy, even the head teacher of other classes are a little envious of Class 86, this class is really too strange, unexpectedly The teacher in charge of the class kept asking Li Qinghe for advice. Li Qinghe didn’t want to say anything at first, but later he had to say that there was a good deputy monitor in my class. Li Xianfeng is still working so hard,gold CIP machine, I hope this exam results can be better than last time! Xiao Lei’s enthusiasm for learning has also risen. Since Zeng Ai’s impression of him has changed, the two teenagers are very friendly. Xiao Lei is still secretly in love with Zeng Ai in his heart, but he has not made any excessive moves. Zeng Ai has become better to him, and his heart is so sweet. Bai Ling hopes that he can surpass He Ming this time, not why, just want to compare with He Ming, as a high-sounding excuse for his hard study. In Bai Ling’s mind, He Ming is a genius, especially in learning, almost an unsurpassable genius, even many teachers can not catch up. But what makes Bai Ling a little depressed is that this genius loves fighting so much! I really want to correct He Ming’s habit of beating people! He Ming also knows Bai Ling’s idea, but he Ming will not easily let Bai Ling succeed, Carbon in Pulp ,tin beneficiation plant, since he has become a teenager, it is necessary to have the characteristics of the times. 131. Youth Chasing the Wind The next day is the final exam, and it is also the promotion exam. Recently, the learning atmosphere is very strong, and many students who want to prove themselves are looking forward to the coming of the exam. Like many teenagers who want to get good grades, Wang Baogao is also looking forward to the early arrival of the exam. The summer vacation is after the exam, so he doesn’t have to continue to write “I love my grandfather”. Since the incident, Wang Baogao has never been slack for a day. Every break, when other teenagers are laughing and playing, he writes “I love my grandpa” on the table, which is very depressing. In the process of writing, when Wang Baogao felt ashamed, he also deeply realized that it was wrong for him to fabricate the news of his grandfather’s death to ask for leave, which should not be done by human beings. Wang Baogao thought of his grandfather’s kindness to him when he was young, and decided to be a filial child in the future, not only to be filial to his grandfather, but also to his parents. As for learning, when Wang Baogao wrote “I love my grandfather” painfully, he felt that he might as well spend the time on learning! It was a feeling of inexplicable impatience in pain. Twice, Wang asked He Ming if he could not write “I love my grandfather”. He had realized his mistake and decided to correct it. He wanted to spend his time studying. He Ming refused him on the grounds that Wang was not sincere and let him continue to write until the day before the final exam, and he could not slack off. In this way, Wang Baogao’s yearning for learning is even more, and he inexplicably feels that there is not enough time to study in class. He has a weak foundation, and there are too many things he can’t do. He should also use the break to study. Wang Baogao decided to study hard from the next semester. At that time, he was already a junior two student, and he should also study hard. When a person is tortured to the extreme, he will pray to get rid of it. It can be said that Wang Baogao’s yearning for learning is a way to get rid of pain, but it is a good way. In the evening, He Ming and Bai Ling went together. The two teenagers were carrying big schoolbags with books on the back shelf. The final exam will begin tomorrow, and it will be a 50-day summer vacation after the exam. Bai Ling took one look at He Ming and suddenly sighed lightly: “I am really a failure!” He Ming laughed and said, “You said you failed at such a young age. Where did you fail?” Bai Ling said disapprovingly, “You said I was young.”. Aren’t you young? He Ming sniffed: “Yes, I am young, too.” He said in his heart, Bai Ling, you will never think of it in your life. In fact, I was already very big, but I came back again. My reappearance changed the future of your little girl. Bai Ling suddenly giggled: “He Ming.”. I must surpass you in the final exam this time, and let you be awesome again! He Ming said with a smile, “I am a cow. You can bet with me if you have the ability.”. I don’t think you dare. You dare not bet with me. How can you surpass me? Bai Ling snorted softly and simply got off the bicycle. Twisting her petite figure in the darkness, she pushed the cart forward. He Ming also got out of the car and walked beside Bai Ling. “Why don’t you ride?” Bai Ling snorted softly again and pretended to be angry. “I made you angry just now.” Where did I make you angry? If you really feel angry,small gold wash plant, bet with me! He Ming stressed again. Bet on it! Bai Ling finally made up her mind to gamble with He Ming, although she might lose miserably: “For you, what are we gambling on?” 。

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