Sabbath _ Moonlight Sang

Xiaomei can’t wait. With this sentence, Rong Gui could not wait a minute or a second. He resolutely handed out the application under the name of Tahu. The money in the card was not enough. Rong Gui did not hesitate to change all the money in the two passes into the local currency. Because he was not familiar with the registration system, his action was slower, but he still registered. I don’t know if it’s because Tahu has just “opened” and not many people think of him, but Ronggui’s registration application letter passed very quickly, and soon his application was approved. Xiaomei, I took you to see a doctor. Before departure, Rong Gui left a note in the living room. I’m not happy that you don’t tell me when you’re sick. Rong Gui added, but as soon as he finished, he felt that his tone seemed too heavy, and then drew a crooked angry little head behind “unhappy”. Only then did he laboriously drag the freezer containing the bodies of the two men out. Without Xiaomei, the matter of dragging the freezer became very difficult for him. Fortunately, there is rhubarb, sitting in the co-driver’s seat, Ronggui “driving” rhubarb to the floor where the tower lake is located. The process of seeing Tahu was smoother than expected. He was not like a doctor but more like a prisoner. Tahu in the clinic had all the instruments of torture and looked like he was being pressed to see a doctor. The prison clothes on his body had been removed, and the ferocious wounds on his naked body were completely exposed,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, which seemed to have been blistered, swollen, old wounds overlapping new wounds, and the wounds that had never had time to heal gave off an unpleasant stench. The Tower Lake looks terrible. Rong Gui noticed that there was a doctor’s robe on his left hand, white, clean and soft,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, which was within reach of the Tower Lake, but the Tower Lake had no intention of picking it up and putting it on. Rather naked, he turned a blind eye to the doctor’s robe next to him. Rong Gui, however, did not seem to have seen his strange appearance at all, and almost the moment he entered the consulting room, he made his purpose clear: “…… I heard that you have a lot of research on this disease and may be able to cure him. I brought him here specially to see a doctor. With these words, Rong Gui opened the freezer. Tahu slowly turned his line of sight, and his eyes like glass beads looked coldly into the freezer. His eyes first fell on Rong Gui, after all, Rong Gui’s body is more conspicuous outside. This man was once mentally ill, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, but he has been cured. The treatment is perfect. He doesn’t need me. Rong Gui shook his head, put his body aside, carefully exposed Xiaomei’s body, he said: “You need to look at this person.” Tahu squinted and looked again. His eyesight seemed to be very bad. He often had to be very close to see clearly. He first scanned Xiaomei’s whole body, then came over and touched several parts of Xiaomei’s body, and took a blood sample from Xiaomei with an instrument. “This is Hamrabi’s syndrome, a terrible genetic disease that only occurs when very few purebloods are born.” “I used to be very interested in this disease, and I wrote papers on this disease, so you must have seen those papers to find me.” “But it’s just in the early stages, and I don’t have a clue about how to treat it.” “Help him collect materials, find a good craftsman, and make the mechanical body ahead of time.” Glassy eyes raised and stared at Rong Gui, and the tower lake said coldly. Rong Gui froze. Is there really nothing you can do? “Since you have done so much research on this disease, you must know the treatment plan before this disease?” Rong Gui refused to give up, watching the tower lake listlessly returned to the place where he had been handcuffed, and he chased after him. The big black eyes reflected the lifeless face of the tower lake, and the anxiety in the little robot’s eyes almost overflowed. Ta Hu looked at Rong Gui quietly for a few seconds and then said, “There is a man who can cure this disease.”. ” “But the chance of finding him is even smaller than the chance of curing the disease. I advise you to prepare a suitable mechanical body for the patient as soon as possible. He doesn’t have much time. Even if he buys the most advanced freezer temporarily, it will only delay half a month more..” Tahu did not finish his words, and the next second, his hand was tightly grasped. The rotting and purulent hand of Tahu was tightly grasped by Ronggui. Tell me who that man is! Where can I find him? The little robot with eager eyes and black eyes held the hand of the tower lake tightly. The folk bishop, Archbishop Trojans, is the only person who has ever successfully cured this disease. Previously, I lived in the place closest to the peak of the Tower of Eternal Day, which is absolutely beyond the reach of ordinary people. “Not to mention an underground man like you, even those people in Sky City can’t see him once in their lives.” “I advise you to prepare a mechanical body for your friend in advance.” With these words, Tahu looked at the little robot with a touch of pity in his eyes. Before? What about now? Where does he live now? Rong Gui, who was rarely clever, grasped the key words keenly this time, and he pulled the tower lake to continue asking. Now Tahu has been lifeless face finally appeared a trace of vitality, although the expression of this vitality is anger, but his expression is no longer a pool of stagnant water: “It was originally respected by the people by virtue of excellent healing ability, and finally became a bishop, Trojan law knows nothing about politics, not long after becoming an archbishop, he was soon deprived of the title of bishop.” He was held in secret. “The charge is that the treatment is wrong!” “Do you really think that doctors are omnipotent and that anyone can be saved?” The more Tahu spoke, the louder his voice became,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and behind him, he complained about the injustice of the Trojan Law! Clearly, Lake Tower is on the side of the Trojan Law.

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