Spring boudoir

Shen Ning sat in front of the makeup, looking at some pale face in the mirror, Rao is so, the charm between the eyebrows and eyes is still around, adding some weak and beautiful breath for no reason. Chapter 31 Half ring, she spits out the sentence lightly: “Today on some gorgeous makeup.” Shen Ning she was born to be arrogant, plus the queen mother for more than 10 years of careful raising, will eventually raise the arrogance to the bone, a little uncontrolled way out, let her retreat into a chess piece. It’s pathetic and ridiculous. In the memory of the tea poem banquet, she was unwilling, not only pressed the face of the queen, even the face of the queen mother was lost a few points by her, was broken and abandoned, forced to become another person. Up to now, the sense of powerlessness of being unable to resist the orders of her secular father is also deeply pressing on her, and even now, when I think of it, I am still afraid. In her short life, the most tender memory was the man in black who looked cold and clear but unruly, and the man looked down on those unfashionable plots and tricks,warehouse rack manufacturer, and often loved those frontier pleasures. And she was always pestering him, and she was full of thoughts on him. Always love to wear a riding suit to accompany people. On weekdays, Liu Nianyao explicitly hinted that her stupid mind would lead her to a dead end. She brought people to the banquet and chose a noble husband. The limelight was naturally given to the delicate beauty, and then led the wolf into the house. Think of her Shen Ningsheng publicity, but also destroyed in the publicity. Recalling those past events, Shen Ning’s eyes were cold, and the chill on his cheeks became more and more obvious. I remember the Empress Dowager asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to give me a red glass Zhuhai hairpin. Qingyue, you go and get it. “Take that one with you today.” Qingyue was stupefied for a moment. She hesitated to look at the young woman in the mirror. Then she said,Narrow aisle rack, “Girl, is it too gorgeous?” Carbuncle with beauty is as beautiful as the sun. Is it too abrupt? Shen Ning gently raised his eyebrows, slightly raised the end of his eyes to wipe his smile, such as the jade catkin gently picked up the mouth fat, slightly dyed, such as flower-like pink lips more enchanting red. With mist in her eyes, she looked quietly to the northwest and muttered softly, “I’m afraid the summer courtyard is very lively at this time.” For the sake of the limelight, it is not too much to make people turn upside down. How else are we supposed to get the guy’s attention? Shen Qian’s move is also very good. It’s not just the courtyard of the table girl. Before dawn, the courtyard of the second room next to us is lit up. Those mothers-in-law and children can make a lot of noise. Qingyue curled her lips, discontented and nagging. We are the last to get up in the yard, but our girls are not shallower than those. “Those people want to beat gongs and drums, but they don’t know how happy they are.” “When I went to cut the flowers this morning, I heard the woman in the courtyard whispering that the general had gone to see them last night and had brought some new things from the girl’s house, Warehouse storage racks ,Industrial pallet rack, several boxes full of them,” Qiuyun, who was sitting next to me, put in the black silk in her hand. Shen Ning slowly lowered his eyes and looked at the fire glass jade bracelet on his wrist, which was wrapped like blood, while his wrist was like willow jade, which was very beautiful. She had a pair of slightly pointed phoenix eyes, and then the corners of her mouth slowly rose out of the arc, pulling out two small dimples. She looked at the hairpins carelessly and said, “Today I must be in the limelight. After all, the old lady has spent a lot of money these days. We Shen girls are all beauties. Naturally, we have to prepare earlier.” The thoughts of the Shen family are for the sake of all the girls marrying into a high family, and for the sake of those prospects. The old lady had not been in charge for more than ten years, and this time she came back for the sake of the Shen family and the East Palace. She was also very concerned about the face of General Shen’s office, otherwise she wouldn’t have made such a big deal with an orphan girl. Even Shen Qian paid special attention to the summer courtyard, and even personally sent so many gadgets there, but forgot her. If Liu Nianyao can’t climb that person, it’s really a loss. Qingyue couldn’t help frowning. She was a little puzzled and asked, “Miss, is the old lady treating this tea and poetry banquet as a wedding banquet?” Shen Ning chuckled, his voice like a mountain lark. “The old lady naturally hopes so, but the second room hopes so more, but it doesn’t matter. These people can’t get past me.” Let them be good, no matter how good she is. In her previous life, Liu Nianyao tried her best to unite with the Shen family to calculate her in every way, but she also wanted to give her a taste of nothing. Just this time, dream. Today is a fine day, the sky shed a soft and fine light, the breeze with the sweet smell of May flowers, gently blowing through the corner, blowing those beaded curtains and jade collision with a pleasant sound, the flowers and branches in the courtyard are also swaying, falling shadows are deep and shallow. So Shen Fu and even the old lady are in a happy mood. Especially the two sisters Shen Nianyu and Liu Nianyao. It was only the happy smiles on the faces of the two men that disappeared completely when they saw the late arrival of Shen Ning. And the carriage was already waiting at the gate of Shen Fu, one after the other in a row, one was the imperial car given by the queen mother to Miss Shen, and the other was prepared by Shen Fu for the girl’s family. You can see the so-called difference at a glance. It’s just a royal gift, but not everyone is blessed to enjoy it. Shen Ning came slowly supported by the clear moon, her eyebrows and eyes were as gorgeous as fire, her red lips were as delicate as snow, her cheeks were as pale as snow, her hairpin was shining, and her slender and attractive posture was wrapped in a red soft gauze brocade and auspicious cloud flower skirt. Beautiful clothes from the collar to the skirt, where the eyes look, can be seen dazzling, especially the waist of the clean glass jade curtain, with Shen Ning every step can be heard a pleasant sound. Standing in front of Shen Nian and Liu Nian Yao, she raised her lips and smiled,Pallet rack supplier, evoking her peerless elegance. Then she said in a soft voice, “It’s been a long time for my sisters to wait.” The glory that can not be suppressed seems to be engraved in people’s bones at this time. It seems that Shen Ning was born to be one with the rich red. Liu Nianyao tightened the veil in her hand. Her clothes seemed to have lost their color. Her eyes swept round and round. She opened her mouth stiffly and said, “It’s all right.” “It’s just that my cousin is as beautiful as the scorching sun. Don’t you prefer to be plain and clean on weekdays?”? Those gorgeous ones didn’t even look at it. How could they really wear this red today? I thought my sister would be at the bottom of the box. 。 omracking.com

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