Super abomination

Shan Ye was somewhat unexpectedly stunned, especially on a group of tall and strong frost giants, and stayed for a while longer. Those ice giants waved ice pillars that would not melt for thousands of years, engraved with ice funeral rites, and every time they waved, there would be a large area of snow and frost and cold in the air, and their power could not be underestimated. On the jjīng spirit arrow, there is a layer of green s sè halo, which increases the speed and strength of the arrow. Mountain people also use bows and arrows, which are different from the elegance of the jjīng spirit. Their bows and arrows are even bigger, and their power and sh shè range are even more explosive. Green s sè cold awn wrapped in arrows, like a God of death, quickly harvesting the half-magic man’s life. Screams and pleas could not stop the soldiers from killing. Even the jjīng spirits, who have always loved peace, are all red-eyed, picking their heads to attack, and there is no grace and compassion in rrì at all. Looking at the scene in front of him, Shan Ye did not rush out of the secret entrance, although the secret entrance was hidden behind a huge stone, but if he rushed out at this time, it would cause some misunderstanding. The number of allied forces is higher than that of half-magic men, and the quality is also better than that of half-magic men stationed here, so the battle is over soon. More than a dozen frost giants hid in the corner where the sun could not shine, and the icicles stopped, creating a world of ice and snow in an instant. The body once again congealed a large frost, so that these big guys with dark blue skin, finally showed a few soothing expressions. Hundreds of jjīng spirits picked up the arrows,Theobromine Powder, with solemn expressions, and looked at the half-magic man’s corpse, full of hatred. The mountain man, led by a woman, is arguing with the frost giant about something. 180. Rancid justice Silver s sè snow fox king suit, the mature female X X ìng foil X X ìng feeling sultry, even with the critical eyes of J īng spirit, can not find any shortcomings to this beautiful woman. On the snow fox short boots wrapped in soft iron, there is a pair of white straight legs. Tight bunt outfit reveals flat abdomen and waist, purple sè long hair dancing with the wind, with that cool and gorgeous breath, like a pretty face wrapped in a layer of ice, is very eye-catching. Although there were many changes in this pretty face, Shan Ye could see at a glance that it was Camry and others who had run away in Tongzhong Town. The negotiations between Camry and the Frost Giant did not seem to be going well. The tall Frost Leader could not help but roar in a low voice to express his dissatisfaction: “Roar ~!”! That’s not enough for us to work for you, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Your Highness Camry. If you don’t make a higher offer, we will leave immediately. Although the tall leader was silly and blue, his voice was full of a sense of jijiān and jjīng that people could not ignore. Camry’s pretty face became more and more heavy, and her voice was a little impolite: “We agreed at the beginning that these ice crystals are enough for you to consume regularly, and the rest of the reward will not be paid to you until the battle is over!!” Frost Leader “Ha!” With a puff of frost, he gazed at the iceberg beauty with deep white eyes and said lightly, “That was before. Now we have changed our minds. You need to pay us twice the down payment before we are in the mood to sit down and talk about the next cooperation!” Say that finish, the frost leader big hand a Buddha, a transparent frost crystal to more than ten unbearable frost giant wrapped up, let Camry completely give up. During the negotiations between the two sides, a large number of mercenaries and soldiers with different equipment quickly harvested the heads of half-magic men, even though they knew that they would be equally distributed later, but the mood of this harvest. It still makes them happy. The leader of the counterattack, His Highness Camry, and several elected human leaders, together with the representatives of the Jjīng Spirit and the Orcs, came to the secret entrance. As soon as the mountain master looked, he knew that he could not hide, so he simply came out of the dark generously. Who “What man?!!” The crowd was extremely jjng, and as soon as the mountain master stepped out, a large number of sharp arrows and swords pointed at him. But when he saw a thin human youth, he was relieved. Rumor has it that this is one of the secret passages of the half-magic man to the underground world. Had it not been for the army of half-demons stationed here, which was attacking the nearby Ironforge, they would not have been able to attack here suddenly and win a great victory under the leadership of Camry. A human mercenary soldier with a tough look came out of the crowd. “Who are you?” He asked with a cold face? Why did you appear in the secret passage of the half-magic man? A human traitor?! The line of sight is like a steel knife scraping on the body of the mountain master, but this kind of bluffing trick. It doesn’t work. Shan Ye put one hand on the hilt of the knife. His expression was cold, but his voice was gentle and clear: “I am human, and my team and I were lucky to find this secret passage.”. On the other side of the half-magic man stationed, all died in the surprise attack, as to who attacked the half-magic man camp in the underground world, I do not know. Shan Ye’s voice is neither overbearing nor humble. He did not put these fighting forces in his eyes. How long were you in the underworld? Why did you leave? How long have you been on the surface? The cold voice sounded, and the cool fragrance came. His Highness Camry walked up to the mountain master and looked carefully at the pale human youth. Shan Ye’s expression is slightly cool. The indifference faded from his face and his voice sank. “Are you interrogating me?” As the words came out of his mouth, the mountain master burst into a burst of pressing spirit, staring at Camry with his eyes burning, his arm muscles tightening, his palms firmly holding the hilt of the knife, and he had a posture of disagreeing with each other and making a big fight. On the slightly trembling red spot, a layer of sand yellow knife awn gradually appeared, even if it was covered by the scabbard, there were still a few bright lights leaking out. With the cold appearance of Shan Ye, many people were frightened by the strength of this young man. To Qi for a long time, the mountain master line of sight coldly across the crowd, turned back to the secret passage. He returned to the meeting place, consulted with Camus and Maca, and all of them immediately set out together. The allied forces outside not only did not disperse,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, but more people gathered around, except for the frost giants who hid in the cool to rest, about a thousand soldiers of all nationalities surrounded the secret passage.

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