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And in such an age, can easily wield a thousand pounds of the giant is a congenital master, this is beyond doubt, for example, an ordinary person can take a hundred pounds of heavy objects, but you let him take a weight of ten pounds of objects, let him wave at will, that moment he absolutely felt very uncomfortable, so a can easily dance a thousand pounds of the giant. The real power is absolutely tens of thousands, which is now the congenital strong. But now Ye Tao, when practicing blacksmithing in the blacksmith shop, the hammer used is the hammer of a thousand catties, but if there is no energy support, recovery, he will dance for a while, the True Qi will be exhausted, unable to support. At the same time, Ye Tao Wen Yan slightly stupefied, these things, he really heard Cher said, although the two spaces of China, is not completely different, but the similarities, but also very much. Ye Tao thought about it, this is not a big deal, looked around the people coming and going, leaning on Duan Yunshan’s side, “Shan Ge, do you know how to transmit sound into the secret?” It is said that the speaker can condense the voice into a line and send it directly to the ears of the recipient nearby. Generally,Serum Bottle With Dropper, as long as the master reaches the sixth floor of the day after tomorrow, as long as he has a secret book, he can easily learn it, but he can’t use it if he doesn’t have the skill. Yes. Duan Yunshan nodded his head and said, “Then let’s talk in secret by voice.” “Yes.” Ye Tao smiled, Qi Shen Dantian, and said, “Brother Shan, what you just said, there was an inference in my school’s classics that it was because after the Tang Dynasty,oil dropper bottle, the spirit between heaven and earth was sharply reduced, and those strong people before the Tang Dynasty relied on absorbing the endless essence of heaven and earth, that is, the spirit of heaven and earth, to produce internal strength, while in modern times, they relied on their own spirit and spirit.” Stimulate the internal strength of the body, you say that one is to use the endless power of heaven and earth, one is to rely on eating a lot of things to produce internal strength, the gap between the two can not be obvious, so it is normal to practice difficulties now. When Duan Yunshan heard this, he had no idea that Ye Tao could really say it. He looked at the latter in disbelief and hurriedly said, “Do you know how to solve this problem?” “I really don’t know that.” Ye Tao’s face is full of wry smile, in fact, he knows that the use of array can be solved, but with his skill, simply can not reach the strength of the layout array, it is better not to say, and the way he practices now is to use the spirit of heaven and earth to practice, or the kind of strong extreme spirit of heaven and earth. Hey. Duan Yunshan sighed and asked curiously, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Glass Cream Jars, “Is there any record in the classics of your school? Is there any level of practice after congenital?” “Yes.” Ye Tao hesitated a little and said that he felt that even if Duan Yunshan knew, it would be nothing. At least, in the future, no matter good or bad, the latter must feel that he had a big backer behind him and would not easily sell him. Moreover, for some of the systems behind him, he also deduced some information from the system. When Duan Yunshan heard this, his eyes brightened. “What are they? Can you tell me about them?” “Brother Shan, to tell you the truth, I don’t want you to know. After all, the more you know, the greater the impact on your mood. If you can’t control it, it’s easy to go crazy.” Ye Tao kindly advised that Duan Yunshan was not him. He could ensure that he would be able to climb a peak in the future. No matter how much he knew, it would be all right because he had a system. But Duan Yunshan is different, even congenital is very difficult to pass, the more you know, the greater the blow to the latter. You say, this way I am more anxious, besides, you think the mountain elder brother these years in vain, still can’t stand the blow. Duan Yunshan spoke anxiously. Ye Tao also no longer nonsense, opening his mouth, “Shan Ge, after congenital, there is also a period of transformation, fusion, heart, golden elixir.”. In the period of spiritual transformation, after the nine orifices, the spirit of heaven and earth is used as a guide to pour into the body, wash the marrow and cut the body, and cast the foundation of the body. This kind of person is called a monk, and there are also monks who describe this state as the state of introducing Qi into the body. ” “Fusion period, the initial stage of spiritual practice, the body of building the foundation begins to combine with spiritual practice, which is a stage of ability improvement. We can see all kinds of signs of ascetics from various superficial phenomena, such as flying, fire and so on. The most important thing is that we can open up mysterious mud palace pills in the body and condense an illusory spiritual point of light..” “Heartbeat period: The first dangerous stage of ascetics, when the mind palpitates, the spiritual light spots in the mud palace pill begin to form entities, giving birth to unknown life. The beating of two hearts and the confusion of the true meaning of the future are the characteristics of the heartbeat period. At this stage, if you are not careful, you will fall into a state beyond redemption and need to maintain your original mind.” “And the golden elixir period is the stability after the fluctuation of the mind. Stepping into the true ascetics, the entity in the mud palace pill begins to turn to gold. At this step, it should be called the flow of six immortals, which can live for at least five hundred years. It is a top, and when necessary, it triggers the power of Zhenyuan in the Dantian, or condenses into wind and fire, or converges into thunder and lightning.” And you said that the power and the golden elixir are not above the same level at all. As for the latter, the classics in my door are not loaded. Speaking of this, Ye Tao’s words also stopped, although for the realm behind, now he also has a general guess, but also too lazy to say. At the same time, Duan Yunshan listened to Ye Tao’s words is dumbfounded, in the heart huge shock, for a long time can not calm down. The latest and fastest chapter, please visit [Qishu. Net] Reading is a kind of enjoyment. I suggest you collect it. The 65th chapter of the text is the ability of jade. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-2-10 14:14:17 Words in this chapter: 6523 Moments later. Duan Yunshan took a deep breath and said in disbelief, “Brother, is what you said true?”? And are there any monks in your school? “I can’t tell you that, because it’s a secret in my door,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, and what I told you must not be passed on, otherwise it will cause great trouble.” Ye Tao exhorted. I know, I know. Duan Yunshan nodded repeatedly.

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