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If he acts according to the mental method taught by Xu Ziling, the result may be that he encounters the fate of not beating out the Zen staff, and he sacrifices himself to bear the heavy blow. As soon as I gritted my teeth, the Bafeng Cold Transport Skill sucked fiercely. The cold current rushed into the body of Ba Feng Han like a mountain torrent after a rainstorm. Ba Feng Han spurted out two pieces of blood with a sound of “wow”, which made Xu Ziling’s head, neck and back red and shocking. The palm of the hand is like a bridge connecting the meridians of the two people. The strangest thing happened. When the strange air penetrated into the palm of his hand, it was still cold, but suddenly it turned into a stream of cold and hot air, running around his body like thousands of naughty and hateful burrowing rats, and no meridian could escape. The strangest thing is that the cold current is obviously much stronger than the heat current. With Ba Feng Han’s unswerving will, he almost couldn’t help screaming and groaning. The Qi and blood of the whole body swelled, and the meridians seemed to explode, and the pain was beyond anyone’s endurance. After passing through Xu Ziling’s body, the abnormal gas of He Shi Bi is naturally released in a spiral way, which enhances the destructive power of radioactivity by multiples. Kou Zhong, who was at the back, first saw Ba Feng Han spurting blood, and then the two men trembled violently. Ba Feng Han’s vest was cold and hot, and he knew something was wrong. However, he did not have to go through the battle between heaven and man like Ba Feng Han. Without even thinking about it, he immediately tried his best to absorb the strange gas in Ba Feng Han’s body. Whoa! Kou Zhong’s blood rushed out of his mouth like a bitter cold, so hot that it seemed to be able to burn and dissolve his meridians,Narrow aisle rack, and immediately ran through his whole body. In a flash, Kou Zhong knew that the fate of the three men was all in his hands. If he had allowed the evil spirit to conquer him, the three men would have died of the broken meridians of the whole body. He had to send the strange gas back to the body of Ba Feng Han, and then he transfused it back to Xu Ziling, and finally let Xu Ziling give it back to He Shi Bi, who was as terrible as a demon God, creating a cycle of coming and going. At this time, the meridians of the three people have been connected without any barrier. As soon as Kou Zhong thought of this,Drive in racking system, the spiral cold he had stored in the sea of air gushed out with all his strength, facing the heat energy that had broken into his meridians like lightning. Boom! The nerves of the three men all over their bodies seemed to have been struck by lightning, and they could not help spurting blood at the same time. Ba Feng Han felt the spiral strength of cold and heat rolling back, but this time there was no feeling of cold, but just the right balance of cold and heat. There was a kind of comfort that he could not say, which obviously greatly reduced its harm. He had already made up his mind to die, but now that he had a chance, he was in high spirits. With the help of the oncoming force, he first led his strength to the Dantian, and then along the meridians into Xu Ziling’s body. Xu Ziling was like a frozen meridian that immediately warmed up a little, and these differences brought him back to life. He was busy moving Qi with his mind, and the Yongquan acupoint on his right foot was as hot as fire, penetrating into his body. At the same time, he returned the cold current to its original owner and poured it back into He Shi Bi, which he held tightly in both hands. Kou Zhong, who was in the rear, Cantilever Storage rack ,long span shelving, constantly triggered the cold that penetrated from the Tianling cave, and tried his best to neutralize the heat flow that entered the body. Something strange happened to Bao. The brightness of He Shi Bi is constantly increasing, as bright as the bright moon in the sky, shining with colorful awn, eerie and incomparable. The strange air flow circulated endlessly in the meridians of the three people, dividing from ice and cold to cold and heat exchange. When it reached Kou Zhong’s body, it turned into heat, and went faster and faster. Later, it completely broke away from the control of the three people, and there was no sign that it would stop. The Yongquan point of Xu Ziling’s left foot is more and more hot, while the Tianling point of Kou Zhong is more and more cold. Under normal circumstances, the two men could not bear the change of cold and heat, but at this moment they felt that the colder the better, the hotter the better. All kinds of illusions in the brain disappear one after another, and the strange scenery is endless. After several cycles, the cold and heat flow in the body of Ba Feng Han has approached the balance, and the strength is locked in a stalemate. I have traveled thousands of miles and seen a lot, but I don’t understand what happened at the moment. In a word, when the cold from Xu Ziling entered his body, it became a cold heat flow, and when it came from Kou Zhong, it became a hot cold heat flow. And the only thing he has to do and can do is to try to balance the two currents of cold and heat with his own True Qi. Because of the constant changes in the intensity of cold and heat, Ba Feng Han is like an acrobat who steps on a rope and crosses a high cliff. He has to do his best to keep his balance. Otherwise, he will fall off the cliff and be crushed to pieces. At this time, Xu Ziling was able to move his own True Qi again, but he did not have the ability to cut off the huge Qi energy surging from He Shi Bi. Fortunately, the pulse is divided into Yin and Yang, and the cold of He Shi Bi comes from the Yang pulse and is sent to the cold palms of Ba Feng. Coming back from the cold front, the true strength of the cold and heat is transported back from the Yin pulse to the inside of the wall. Every cycle of the air flow makes the meridians of the three people seem to expand a little. After turning faster and faster, it suddenly turns slower and slower, so from fast to slow, from slow to fast, I do not know how many times and how much time has passed. Suddenly, the three of them felt a sharp pain like the collapse of the sky, and their bodies bounced off at the same time as the meridians of the whole body exploded. Before Xu Ziling, Kou Zhong fell. Ba Feng Han threw the whole thing into the air and fell heavily on the grass. Three people lie on the ground, only know how to breathe, can not get up for a moment. But everyone knows that something extremely wonderful has happened to them. With a groan, he got up first and found himself soaked to the skin, black and fishy with sweat, but comfortable and relaxed to the extreme. When I opened my eyes, the whole world was different. The mountains and forests far and near seem to be transformed into another world, not only the layers and richness of color are doubled, but the most touching thing is that at a glance, it seems that we can grasp the various forms of each leaf blowing under the gentle wind in the morning light. Ba Feng Han was so moved that his whole body shook violently. He knelt down and burst into tears uncontrollably. He closed his eyes, and the world inside and outside immediately blended into one. The warm sunshine came from the east and fell on him, and never for a moment did he feel his existence and the meaning of life as he saw it. Ba Feng Han started the art of looking inward, and was immediately taken aback, and there was a burst of ecstasy and no longer the satisfaction of his demands. As he said earlier,Pallet rack beams, his meridians have been strengthened by multiples. Although his strength has not increased immediately, as long as he practices as usual, he will be able to get twice the result with half the effort. omracking.com

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