The Age of Technology: The Strongest Learning System

“Why are you looking at me like that?” As soon as Yu Yiye got out of the car in the yard, he found that his eyes were not right, and when he entered the laboratory, he felt even more like this, “I came in a driverless car today, and you haven’t seen it before.” Put on your gloves and goggles, and come to your own workbench. Yu Yiye did not start his own experiment, but chatted with the people around him. This problem of uncomfortable eyes must be solved, otherwise, the experiment will not be done. General Manager Yu, did you surf the Internet today? Now that Yu Yiye has asked, the people in the laboratory will not say anything, and they have worked together for so long, and they know what kind of people and companies Yu Yiye and Huaxing will be in the future, so they are actually very worried about Yu Yiye, so they will have such an unknown vision. Surf the internet? No, what’s wrong? In fact, when they opened their mouths, Yu Yiye knew what they wanted to ask, but she still pretended to be silly because she wanted to know what others thought. Oh, it’s such a thing. You Huaxing will be hacked again in the future. This time, it’s to hack your personnel selection system. Later,stainless steel tile trim, it turned into a black employee, and you, General Manager Yu. Hearing that Yu Yiye did not look at it, a group of people were worried and hurriedly took out the mobile phone packed in the dust bag and found out the “amazing melon” they saw today for Yu Yiye to see. Yu Yiye swept a probably, and indeed there is no big discrepancy with what Ling said, still in the scope of her control, does not matter. Handing the mobile phone back to the other party, Yu Yiye smiled: “It doesn’t matter. I was much blacker before. It’s not a big deal.” In the attitude of a leaf to see a group of people a Leng, this leisurely,tile trim factory, really do not care. However, hearing what Yu Yiye said, a group of people recalled that what Yu Yiye said was also true. It used to be more black, and Yu Yiye’s counterattack was ruthless enough. What about this time? Inexplicably, a group of people’s eyes are lit up, is it difficult, this time there is a good show to see the face?! “It is said that a fall into the pit, a gain in your wit, but there are always people who remember to eat and not to fight, the memory on the Internet has not faded, but people’s memory is only seven seconds.”. You say I always have to remind them that it’s not. Yu Yiye is clearly not impatient to say, but it makes people feel a little excited, they also want to see what will happen after ah! But unfortunately, now Yu Yiye and Huaxing have no reaction in the future, so they can only wait. The wind on the network has risen, stainless steel edging strip ,aluminum tile edge trim, next, perhaps, it is a good choice to ride the wind. The experiment began again. Yu Yiye was immersed in the process of the experiment. Last night’s study gave her some new ideas. Today, if she is lucky, there will be a breakthrough. And not far away, two people, one old and one young, were drinking tea. Mr. Zhang, what did you ask me to do? Jiang Huimin, holding a teacup, subconsciously pushed his glasses and looked at Zhang Shantong, who was sitting opposite. The old man always asked her to drink tea after Yiye came to the Textile Industry Federation. If she couldn’t see anything more, she was afraid that she would have to improve her glasses. You girl is also a hothead, and I am an old man who is slow. “But Mr. Zhang, if you don’t say it again, General Manager Yu will go abroad, and there will be no chance.” The person who had been very calm, after hearing this sentence, immediately straightened up. Chapter 105 is Du Qianqing a good man? “Is such a situation, this girl is not to make a powder.” Can you give us some? And that video.. You know. When Zhang Shantong said this, his ears were burning, but his face was very calm. No way, this time someone behind him forced him to come, and he had to finish it seriously. ……” Push the glasses on the bridge of the nose, Jiang Huimin did not speak, is fixed to look at Zhang Shantong, look at the old man’s heart is Maomao. I said, what do you think of Jiang Yatou? This time the voice is much smaller, no way, unreasonable ah. Cough. It’s not impossible. “Jiang Huimin found some changes in Zhang Shantong’s attitude and drew a capital ‘yes’ in her heart before she spoke.”. The reason why I didn’t speak just now is actually a silent way of fighting. Of course, it’s only for people with a guilty conscience. If they are open, it’s useless. But obviously our old man Zhang Shantong is not the one who is not guilty. So Jiang Huimin succeeded in getting the bargaining capital. I knew that you little guys were smarter than one, and the little girl who dared to go and talk business with the girl would naturally not be bad. Zhang Shantong looked at Jiang Huimin and smiled. He was convinced by these clever ghosts. “Say, what requirements I can promise are not ambiguous. After all, they are all scientific research colleagues.” “Hey, I won’t stand on ceremony with that old man.” Looking forward to rubbing her hands, Jiang Huimin felt that she could ask for the things she had been thinking about for a long time. First “Wait, girl, you can’t ask too much.” Zhang Shantong immediately panicked when he heard the first two words. He quickly stopped Jiang Huimin and asked her to say less, otherwise he couldn’t do it. Hey, don’t worry, Mr. Zhang. Jiang Huimin knew what the old man was worried about. She waved her hand and said she didn’t have to worry about it. Then she went on, “First of all, it’s our cooperation. Mr. Zhang, please see if there’s anything we can use here. The aerospace insulation material that Mr. Yu gave us two days ago is still very useful, but we still want to have something else.” Mr. Zhang, please take a look at which research Institute’s scientific research achievements have not been successfully transformed. Let’s see. This first point, but there is no problem, now knowledge must be transformed, Jiang Huimin’s request is also mutually beneficial. This is no problem,stainless steel tile edging, I help you to ask, it is estimated that someone will call in a few days, you remember to answer it. Zhang Shantong promised very readily. “What’s next?”? What else do you want? 。

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