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NPC “Xicheng Wei” in the northwest corner of Qingping City. This is another key position after the border guards were occupied and the eastern and southern suburbs were broken through. If Yan succeeds in occupying this place, they will be resurrected near Xichengwei. From here to the palace, but a few minutes away, here is occupied, from the city, it is not far. At that time, Zhou Guojiang could only defend the west gate and pile up a sea of people. However, how many people in Zhou can be piled into the sea? Outside the palace in the center of Qingping City, it is guarded by the NPC “Chief Guard”. As a small BOSS, if Yan defeats the chief guard, it can break the statue guarding Zhou, and their marshal can immediately use the army assembly order to summon the NPC army of Yan and pull the NPC army of Zhou into battle. In the case of great disparity in NPC military strength, entering the NPC battlefield also means that the final failure is certain. After winning, they can start to fight the big BOSS general king. As a result, there was only one way for Zhou Guojiang to use the national war resources that had not been exhausted by conscription to prolong the war time, or to add blood to the general king. Xiaotiao is really getting bigger and bigger according to the map. National war, is a national war, in any link,pipe cantilever rack, can be seen, need a lot of people. She could not see how in such a large-scale war, where there were loopholes for small people, where there was the possibility of non-RMB trickery. Maybe it’s true that we can only try our best to hold off for half an hour and not lose too badly. After running the map, Xiao Tiao felt even more uncertain. A well-informed source already knew the news that Yan and Zhou were about to go to war. The Thai missile, which is boring and easy to show off, has started a national war gambling game on the world channel. There were so many responses,heavy duty racking system, but no one bet on Zhou Guo to win. They bet on how many minutes Yan will take Zhou. Xiaotiao is not good enough to speak on the world channel, otherwise she really wants to. He took out ten taels of silver and gave it to Zhou Guochang. She could afford the irrational consumption of 10 taels of silver. Legend has it that the Jade Rabbit is preaching to the people how painful it is after the defeat. I hope everyone will do the task of national war resources at this time, and must be online at 8 pm. But Xiaotiao looked around the resource NPC, and there were only a dozen people in the gang. How difficult it is for the new gang, the king of inaction, to win the support of everyone and mobilize their warlike blood. Someone in the gang was arguing, “Garlic again. I can’t afford garlic.” This gave Xiaotiao a hint, and she quickly flew back to Sihaiyi’s house and took out all the garlic. She first went to the consignment NPC and put 50 garlic on the shelf anonymously. The price starts at 50 taels and 250 taels. She finally learned to lower the price, but to 250, it seems meaningless, but a little malicious. This price is too black, this price may cause concern, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Pallet rack upright, and then be hit. But Xiaotiao can’t care. The task of national war resources is to hand in double resources. If it is not black at this time, when can it be black? Besides, she is preparing for the Black Swallow Kingdom. Although providing ammunition for the enemy, it seems a bit.. Anyway, the disparity of NPC military strength between the two countries is big enough, and it doesn’t matter if it’s bigger. The fate of Zhou’s defeat is inevitable. Why should we stop her from making money from the war? This or small jump did not dare to set higher, afraid of Yan refused to buy, after all, the sure victory of the national war, it seems that there is no need to spend a lot of money to further open the gap. She then flies back to the resource NPC. Legend has it that Yutu has begun to post news of war preparedness on the national channel: the Queen has bought the bottleneck resource, garlic, at a high price. Everyone to do the task of national war resources, do not worry about the problem of resources, meet garlic, you can choose to pay by the queen. During the war, double resources, double silver, double experience.. Benefit the country and benefit oneself. The task of national war resources is somewhat different from the task of national resources in peacetime. When citizens hand in resources, they can choose to cancel the resources that can not be handed in, or they can choose officials to pay on their behalf. If you choose to log out, you will give up today’s task. Select the official to pay, the selected official will receive a reminder, confirm the payment, and timely pay the resources, he will pass this resource task and enter the next level. To be an official is to make decisions for the people. To be a king is only 100 silver a day. How can it be worthwhile? I won’t be king next time. Xiao Tiao muttered. When Xiaotiao learned about the back door to increase military strength, he clenched his teeth and felt heartache for a while. I’m not a careerist. I’ve never thought of buying people’s hearts. Why did I come to this? This is not garlic, this is white silver. Both the marshal and the prime minister greatly appreciated the consciousness of her puppet queen. The decision was also made by Xiaotiao herself. She sighed as she contributed. She seemed to be hot-headed for a moment, mainly because she was despised by the gambling game of the World Channel. She fought for a breath and was determined not to let those who wanted to watch Zhou raise the flag and surrender for 15 minutes win a penny. Too exasperating, no matter how weak Zhou is, there is also a king, how can so many people choose 15 minutes to end the battle? She has no level, no equipment, no experience, no operation of the four kings, it seems that she can donate some garlic. The setting of paying resources during the war period should be very popular with RMB players. Rich and ambitious officials will definitely take the initiative to pay for the people. Although experience, silver and even extra rewards are all earned by the people, there are not many ways to enhance NPC’s military strength. Spending money can solve the problem and buy people’s hearts, so why not? So the Queen flew around the resource NPC like an angel for more than two hours, and continued to eat lunch. Until the official announcement: There is a war tonight, and the resource channel is closed. Tiao Tiao is coming down from the stage of rich and angel. What makes Xiaotiao a little angry is that not only garlic, but also rice,Steel racking system, pigs and sheep, which are ordinary goods with an average of no more than three taels of silver, there are also unconscious people who choose to let the Queen pay for them.

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