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There are times when people feel tired and breathless right after exercise. This is known as asthma triggered by exercise.

This is a form of asthma that is triggered by long and vigorous exercise, or even more physical exercise. Airways become blocked by intense exercise.

It is often referred to as exercise-induced bronchoconstriction. According to research, approximately 90% of those who suffer from asthma  treatment for use Seroflo 500 are affected by the condition while exercising.

It is among the most prevalent issues among adolescents and young adults. Although it is most often seen in asthma sufferers, it can also occur in people who are completely unaccustomed to respiratory disorders.

Why is it that it happens?

When someone breathes the air, it’s initially warm with the aid of the nasal passage. Most people breathe through their mouths when they exercise, and inhale cool and dry air.

They breathe more deeply and faster when exercising due to the higher oxygen requirements of the body.

Exercises that are that expose your body to cold and dry air can be the main cause of the bronchoconstriction (which is also known as closing of the airways).

Other things can trigger asthma also that cause asthma-like symptoms, such as dust particles, and exposure to irritants such as fumes, smoke, and more.

What are the symptoms of Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction(EIB)?

There are certain signs in which you can tell there’s something wrong in your respiratory system. it is more probable to develop asthma due to exercise.

  • The chest is tightened
  • Heezing
  • Breathing shortness
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Coughing

These symptoms usually appear within 5 to 20 minutes after working out. They are not immediately apparent when you begin working out.

Sometimes, there’s an opportunity for people to suffer from symptoms between four and twelve hours after working out.

The severity of this condition is lower and typically takes up to 24 hours to be resolved.

What should I do to quit doing exercise?

If you’re suffering from asthma caused by exercise, that isn’t a reason to should stop immediately your activities.

There are a few precautions you can take prior to work out that permit you to continue your regular routines that you perform each day.

What is the method by which the disease is diagnosed?

It’s a lengthy process to determine whether someone suffers from asthma triggered by exercise or not.

  • In the beginning, the doctor will first go over your medical history, as well as the medical history of your family.
  • A few tests will be run on you.
  • Your physician will take breath prior to, during and after exercise to determine the function of your lungs.
  • The doctor can help you make plans that can aid you in battling the symptoms of asthma.
  • If you’re a child suffering from asthma-related exercise make sure you take your medication as prescribed and inform your instructor or coaches prior to performing any physical activity.

Could it be prevented?

The risk of developing asthma from exercise is reduced when you take certain precautions to protect yourself.

Markets have introduced a variety of medicines and inhalers to take in which you can be able to relieve breathing issues.

Bronchodilators also known as asthma inhalers, if taken prior to exercising , can reduce the signs. Some medications like Seroflo 500 etc.

Are beta-2 antagonists acting in a short time which can be effective in stopping the airways being enlarge, which can cause asthma control.

These drugs are employed to reduce some of the signs and symptoms that come with asthma.

When taking medicine It is not recommended to begin exercising hard-core immediately.

Start by performing some exercises to warm up and then, after the completion of your workout, you need to get cool.

Also, keep your eyes off of getting too close to dust particles or pollen. Additionally, avoid exercising in the presence of temperatures that are hot or dry. In the event of high levels of air pollution are best to restrain the amount of exercise you do.

A few examples of exercises could be performed:

There are also exercises that don’t require more effort to complete. Activities involve volleyball, gymnastics, baseball, walking, leisure biking.

Swimming is a form of sport that requires endurance, and is also played in a humid and warm air space.


  • Avoid outdoor activities in the event of cold conditions or put on a face mask before leaving the house.
  • If the number of pollen particles is high, do not go outdoors as it can cause the risk of getting an allergy.
  • Only exercise at a degree that you are comfortable with.
  • Don’t over-exercise.
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