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But understanding is understanding, but next, Li Yalin has to face the jealousy of the girls, go to the amusement park to play together! Why is it not your turn to do such an enviable thing? After hearing Li Yalin’s words, the night saw at the first time then pulled away all the beauty, hiding in the corner do not know what to mutter, and the summary of grass and girls, they are surrounded by Li Yalin, has been pestering Li Yalin, must go to the playground together. No way, for the girls’ request, Li Yalin can only agree one by one, at the same time Li Yalin also had to sigh in the heart, the girls around are also troublesome ah. Very not easy to get rid of a group of girls, Li Yalin came to Komatsu’s secret base, in fact, about the illusion of the fifth level, Li Yalin has not understood the principle, not like a mental attack, but not like virtual projection technology, what is this? Li Yalin is expecting Komatsu to give himself an answer! Chapter 411 Encounter the Moon Sea. “Sorry, little Yalin, I don’t have any technical achievements in my memory. Maybe it was developed during my absence, but it doesn’t matter. I’m going to invade the database of B 4 now!” Pushing the glasses, Komatsu’s glasses reflect a light, just described by Li Yalin technology, has greatly aroused Komatsu’s curiosity, it is too interesting! Komatsu’s curiosity is to mention the database is a tragedy, after Komatsu’s wanton bombing,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, the broken firewall was broken in an instant, the so-called M secret information, has been presented in front of Li Yalin and Komatsu. A lot of useful technology, Li Yalin’s interest was also sent out by JJI, pulled over the side of the idle keyboard, started to preview these materials quickly. “Little Yalin, do you also know hacker technology?” Li Yalin’s hand, but let Komatsu startled, did not expect Li Yalin to be so familiar with the operation of these procedures, this is really unexpected. “A little bit,” Li Yalin smiled and waved his hand. Although he had learned some hacker invasion and attack skills, Li Yalin had only learned a little, and was not particularly proficient. But even so, with Li Yalin’s super talent and ability, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, he was naturally much better than ordinary people, which could be seen from Komatsu’s twinkling eyes. “That’s great. That’s really great. Little Yalin, you are really the son of Komatsu’s destiny!” While Li Yalin was concentrating on tapping the keyboard and previewing the information on the screen, Komatsu suddenly broke out. What happened? “Komatsu?” Li Yalin looked at the glasses house girl beside him with a surprised face, not knowing what she was playing, but Komatsu looked at Li Yalin with a flushed face, and the surging appearance of the spring tide made Li Yalin swallow a mouthful of saliva. “Little Yalin, let’s continue the experiment of love between reed teeth and parrots.” With that, Komatsu threw himself on Li Yalin and said that at this time, how could Li Yalin push the girl in his arms away? “I’ve said it many times, Izumo Villa is forbidden.” Well, just as the fire of dry wood was about to burn, the voice of Meizai suddenly appeared, and the terrible black smell of the yyīn forest enveloped the whole hut. It was really terrible. “Misunderstanding is definitely a misunderstanding. Just now Komatsu was a little tired. I was just massaging her shoulders.” In the face of the beauty after blackening, Li Yalin’s face s & egrave quickly found an excuse to explain. If Ai didn’t explain again, I’m afraid he would be really tragic. “Yes, Ai is like this,” the side of Komatsu is also repeatedly nodded, she is also very afraid of the beauty of the black, after all, in all people, no one knows more than Komatsu beauty of the terror. “So that’s it, then forget it this time, but Komatsu you have to remember to earn the girl’s reserve is the most important.” After listening to Li Yalin and Komatsu’s defense, the beauty finally took back her black breath, looking at the boys and girls in front of her, the beauty sighed without any trace, how can this kind of explanation that is a lie be believed? But Miya is just walking down the steps. Li Yalin around so many girls, how can the United States can control a little warning to them, the United States did not think that Li Yalin would really become Liu Xia Hui, so many girls around will not steal. “It’s okay, it’s okay, but the little beauty is getting more and more horrible.” After the beauty left, Komatsu patted the Xi xiōng breast with a lingering fear, at least the fullness of the G cup swayed back and forth with his little hand. He was really a y & ograveu. “Cough, let’s continue to look at the m data.” With a light cough, Li Yalin quickly diverted his eyes and noticed the stable mind on the computer screen. He could no longer be given y & ograveuhu & ograve by Komatsu. About the confidential information of B 4, Li Yalin found a lot of scientific and technological power beyond modern times in it. This is the biggest capital for the rise of B 4. Li Yalin was naturally not polite to this. He directly downloaded these information to his own palmtop computer. This is the latest palmtop computer dedicated to military investigation. At the beginning, it took Li Yalin a lot of money to get it. As for the purpose of downloading these materials, Li Yalin is not here to create a big company that can bring down m, but he has no interest in it, but it is useless in this world, does not mean that it is useless in other worlds, at least there are many release techniques that can be used in the world of red bullets, and if these technologies are used in the world of cat’s eye, they will be used. When the time comes, I am afraid that the impact will not be able to describe the shock of the world. “There is no such technology as described by Xiao Yalin in the data. Isn’t it an M product?” Search for a long time,Oil Dropper Bottle, Komatsu also failed to find out why, but let Komatsu is very disappointed, he failed to help Xiao Yalin this time. penghuangbottle.com

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