What is the name of this tree with purple flowers?

I saw this lovely tree with many purple exotic flowers in Span. The tree looks gorgeous, full of cute flowers which have a little brush in the middle. Please, help me to find the name of this ornamental tree. I recon it is quite known in the Mediterranean climate.  Here are the photos of the tree:

Tree with purple flowers identification


Tree with purple flowers

Absolutely wonderful and prolific blooming!

What is the name of this tree with purple flowers

Reviewer Asked on July 29, 2016 in Trees.
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    This tree is called Polygala myrtifolia. It is also known as the Myrtle-leaf milkwort, and native to South Africa.  I saw it is also called as a Sweet Pea Bush or September Bush.  Its attractive mauve sweetpea-like flowers, which close at night, may also be pink, crimson or white, and have a characteristic brush-like tuft protruding from the keel, just like on your photo.

    ‘Polygala’ is interpreted as ‘much milk’ since the plant was thought to stimulate milk production in European cows – ‘myrtifolia’ translates as ‘myrtle-shaped leaves’.

    Vice Professor Answered on August 3, 2016.
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