What is this bush/shrub?

Variegated green & yellow leaves, tiny fragrant white flowers, in clumps, sort of like lilac flowers, blooming late June, zone 7a/7b. (How do I add a picture?)

Newbie Asked on June 24, 2016 in Shrubs & Bushes.

Hello! Sorry for inconvenience, if you use the website on your computer, you can see the icon to add an image (please see the pic below), but if you use it on your phone or tablet, this icon is not available, but we’ll add it soon during the next update (end of June).

You can also send your images to our email address: snaplant@gmail.com and we’ll add them for you!
Thank you for your patience! We are working on improving Snaplant!

What is this bush/shrub?

on June 25, 2016.
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