What tree is this?

It’s blooming now in May in Toronto.

What tree is this?

Newbie Asked on May 29, 2019 in Trees.
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    Hello! This is a Dogwood (Cornus Florida). Other old names now rarely used are American dogwood, Florida dogwood, Indian arrowwood, Cornelian tree, white cornel, white dogwood, false box, and false boxwood.

    This species has in the past been used in the production of inks, scarlet dyes, and as a quinine substitute. The hard, dense wood has been used for products such as golf club heads, mallets, wooden rake teeth, tool handles, jeweler’s boxes and butcher’s blocks.

    Cornus florida is the state tree and flower of Virginia, the state tree of Missouri, and state flower of North Carolina. It was used to treat dogs with mange, which may be how it got its name.

    The red berries are not edible, despite some rumors otherwise.

    Vice Professor Answered on May 31, 2019.
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