Why aren’t my tomatoes ripening?

I planted my tomato seedlings two months ago. They were already quite big and started to grow fast and produce tomatoes.  But the problem is, my tomatoeswon’t ripen. There are many of green tomatoes on the vines but they don;t turn red at all! What could be the problem? 

My friend, who had the same seedlings and planted them nearly the same time as I did, doesn’t have this problem. His tomatoes are ripening just fine and he is already eating them. 

I’ll appreciate any advice you might have for me. Thank you.

Why aren't my tomatoes ripening?

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    There can be several reasons:

    1. Temperature – temperatures below 60 F or above 90 F

    2. Soil – compacted soil and overly wet soil inhibit the root system which restricts fruit ripening

    3. Potassium level – Low potassium (potash) levels inhibit proper fruit growth and maturity (but be careful here as too much postassium can reduce the absorption of calcium and magnesium)

    Vice Professor Answered on July 28, 2016.
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