Xianjue (Shisan)

After thinking about it for a while, Liu Xi looked at Nangong Bao on the left and thought about it for a while. He always felt that this boy was going to be kicked in the future. It was not worth betting on him. The old man had read so many people that he thought he could not be wrong, as if he had seen that Wuluo was not worth valuing. Lord Ma, you and Miss Ma Ao have already been in the Demon Deep. You are experienced. Why don’t you two come with us? Ma Ao and pockmark are really close friends, much more reliable than Nangong Bao. The pockmark originally also came for the matter of life marrow, immediately nodded: “Good.” Liu Xi waved his hand on the left: “Do you have anything to prepare?” “What else to prepare? We are all here for the task. We have been ready for a long time. Everyone can’t wait to get down to the devil and make contributions.” “Ha ha ha” The crowd burst into laughter, good credit in front of us, who can bear it? “I need to add some jade essence and some elixirs with me,” he said helplessly. They also understood that their master and servant had just come out of the deep of the devil yesterday, and that these things were naturally exhausted. “It’s not a problem,” said Ye Nianan hurriedly. “Miss Ma, I’ll fetch it later.” He is the host, and these supplies are naturally provided by him. Every month, Ruolu Prison needs a lot of jade essence to supplement the array under the deep of people, and there is a lot of jade essence in stock. As soon as Ye Nian’an left, Wu Luo was too lazy to stay here. Although he was calm, he did not want to stay with a group of people who looked down on him for a long time. Unexpectedly, as soon as he stood up to go, he was stopped by Liu Xizuo: “Wuluo,american hot tub, pour tea.” Wu Luo is stupefied: “Pour tea?”? I “Who else could it be if it wasn’t you?” Liu Xi patted the teacup on the left and said, “Of all the people here, your cultivation is the lowest. If you don’t pour tea, do you want someone else to pour it?” Wu Luo’s eyebrows were deeply twisted together, and the Emperor of the Southern Wilderness was calm and calm, not being bullied by others. Millions of people slaughter “already can’t help but want to see blood, the world’s first kill amulet,endless swim spa, not to mention a mere Taoist realm Yangyuan level Liu Xizuo, even the powerful Wuluo also has the confidence to kill Although Wuluo is not enough to exert one percent of the power of “one million people slaughter”, is it easy for the first order of the world’s destiny amulet? Liu Xizuo was furious: “What are you looking at? Don’t you want the old man to teach you how to serve tea?” As soon as Wu Luo’s eyes narrowed, the “Investiture of the Gods” fluttered in the wind like an apricot yellow flag over the Mingtang Palace, and the “slaughter of millions of people” was ready to move, with endless opportunities to kill, almost impossible to contain. Suddenly a voice rang out: “Ma Ao, add some tea to Lord Liu.” The pockmark suddenly opened his mouth quietly. Ma Ao was stupefied for a moment. “Me?” “Who else could it be if it wasn’t you?” Pockmarked Kui glared at her, Ma Ao reluctantly promised, got up and grabbed Liu Xizuo’s teacup and went out. The pockmark said lightly to Liu Xizuo, “Let the servants do these things.” Ma Ao, after all, is a maid, outdoor hot tub ,whirlpool hot tub spa, she so seemingly understated to help Wuluo rescue, Liu Xi left is not good in the attack. He glared at Wu Luo mercilessly: “Hum, for the sake of Lord Ma, we won’t go out with you today.” Wu Luo took a look at Liu Xi left, thought or “million people slaughter” suppressed, small can not bear to mess up the big plan, he had the experience of being an emperor in his last life, these simple truth or understand. Fighting for a moment is nothing more than a street villain, fighting for strength and ruthlessness. The achievements on the road in the future are where the real competition lies. Wuluo defeated many people on the road in his last life, and this life will not be inferior to his last life. When he left indifferently, Liu Xizuo snorted and pretended to be kind enough to remind pockmark, “Lord Ma, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just wanted to remind this boy not to think that he can do whatever he wants with your protection.”. It’s true that you owe him a favor, but if he uses it to blackmail you in the future, it will be a trouble. My old man has lived so long that he has seen too many people of this kind. You must be careful. The Pockmarked man just nodded coldly to Liu Xizuo’s ingratiation: “Lord Liu has a heart. Thank you very much.”. ” From the beginning to the end of the incident, Pockmarked was so indifferent that he didn’t even look at Wuluo. But in the eyes of everyone, Pockmarked surrounded Wuluo. It was “blatant”. Nangong Bao, the fiance, was watching. Everyone couldn’t help admiring that Pockmarked was really a model of “daring to love and hate”. But this time, Nangong Bao’s face was as usual, and no one knew what he was thinking. Not long after, Ye Nian’an came back with dozens of jade essences and several bottles of elixirs, which were handed over to the pockmark. As soon as Liu Xizuo gave the order, all the people entered the Demon Fall Deep. Wu Luo went back to his residence and studied the spirit of the mythical beast and the newly acquired spirit of the dragon clan for a few hours. He had a little insight in his heart, and then turned out the lecture notes of Taishang Zonglan Daqian Lingwen. Comparing with some of the above overviews, he combed what he had gained in his heart. Time passed unconsciously, and when he came to his senses, it was already evening. At this time, the entrance to the deep, the fan outside the school gate, has gathered a lot of people, one by one face ashen, Pockmarked and Ma Ao are also among them, two women’s faces are not good-looking. The bronze lock of the ancient ship on the small door was opened again without a sound. The hearts of all the people were in their throats. A monk came out of the small door. All the people rushed up and asked impatiently, “Brother He, how is it? Have you found the marrow of life?” The man called “Brother Ho” was the penultimate one to come out. See everybody is so anxious, he was stupefied, looked at everybody: “How, you also did not find life marrow?” “No, I don’t know what happened this time. Up to now, I haven’t found a piece of life marrow.” Friar He’s face changed greatly. He counted all the people present. Someone beside him said dejectedly, “Don’t count. You’re the penultimate one. Only Lord Liu is still inside.” “Ah!” Friar He was astonished. “Haven’t you found a piece of life marrow? This,whirlpool hot tub, this can how be good “” Everyone’s face was very ugly. After a while, someone sighed, “I can only look at Lord Liu..” 。 monalisa.com

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