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Correa Backhouseana Or Australian Fuchsia

Australian shrub Correa backhouseana is a beautiful little charmer, a flowering plant in the family Rutaceae. It is a coastal shrub with the ovate glossy leaves dark green on top and pale grey underneath, covered in fine hairs. The drooping, bell-shaped pale yellow-green to white in colour flowers hang from a neat, suede-textured cap. Each petal tip is finely blushed pink. Backhouse Australian Fuchsia or Tasmanian-fuchsia are common names for this plant. Although not directly related to the fuchsia the similarity of these lime yellow blooms is obvious and they hang in wonderful contrast to its dark evergreen foliage.

The species is named for James Backhouse, who collected the type specimen at Cape Grim in Tasmania in 1833.

Common names: Backhouse Australian Fuchsia, Tasmanian-fuchsia

Family: Rutaceae

Genus: Correa

Species: backhousiana

Synonyms: Correa backhousiana

Varieties: Correa backhouseana Hook. var. backhouseana, Correa backhouseana var. coriacea, Correa backhouseana var. orbicularis

Native: Tasmania, South Australia.

Plant type: Evergreen shrub.

Hardiness: Hardy. Bottom end of USDA zone 8. UK H2. Can tolerate light frosts down to -5°C (23°F).

Light: Full Sun. Will tolerate part shade.

Soil: Sand, Clay, Loam. Neutral to Acid.

Moisture: Moist but well-drained.

Flowering period: October-November to March-April

Flower Color: Pale yellow, Creamy, Off-White, Slightly blushed pink

Repeat Bloomer: Tell us if you know

Fragrant: Leaves

Height: 100 cm – 200 cm (39 in – 79 in)

Spread: 150 – 250 cm (59 – 98 in)

Time to plant: Spring (by seed), Summer (by cuttings)

Propagation: By seed in spring, or by semi-hardwood cuttings in summer.

Uses: Patio & Container Plants, Shrub Border. Screening Plant, Along Fencelines. Flowers and foliage can be used in floral arrangements.

Fertilizer: Tell us if you know

Invasive: Tell us if you know

Self-Sowing: No

Has Thorns: No

Edible: No

Toxity: Tell us if you know

Tips: Best planted against a warm wall, facing south or west. Pssible to grow in a pot so that it can be protected against the bad winter weather. Do prunning in spring after flowering if needed.

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