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Fallen Autumn Leaves - Beautiful Paintings

Autumn with its melancholic beauty has something special about it. Colors of the fall season are bright and eye-catching. Red, yellow and orange leaves are already brilliant works of art, but a self-taught Polish artist Joanna Wirazka adds a special twist by using those leaves as canvases for her colorful paintings.

Painting on leaves isn’t easy, considering the small sizes, uneven textures, and their brittleness — but the artist pulls it off beautifully.

Using acrylic paint, Joanna creates incredible nature and space scenes, cityscapes and famous landmarks, – her leaves become tiny windows into the world. It takes about three hours for the artist to finish each masterpiece.

Wirazka says that with her paintings on leaves, she tries to communicate the idea that humans need to love and respect the nature instead of destroying it.

“According to my paintings on leaves, I want to show that you can live together with nature. You can also be nature’s best friend, not an obstacle,” she writes.

Polish artist also encourages artists all over the world with her motivational words “Try to find real art everywhere and let it inspire you.”

Since her first painting, the word about Joanna’s works have spread which led to a great increase in her social media followers. Every drawing she uploads receives thousands of likes and tons of comments.

But Joanna says in her Instagram profile that for now she is not thinking to sell her unusual artworks despite many inquiries.

Joanna Wirażka Autumn Leaves


Joanna Wirażka Autumn Leaves Paintings

Joanna Wirażka Autumn Leaves Arts

Joanna Wirażka Autumn Leaves Masterpiece


Image credit: Joanna Wirazka


  • Cool idea and I am sure it is not easy.