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Centurion Laboratories in India produces the Cenforce 150 pills brand. One of the most popular Sildenafil brands on the market. Sildenafil pills are the brand name for this product in the United States. It’s a well-liked product for guys since it helps them keep their erections longer. The medicine is also known as the “blue pill” because of its color. It’s essentially a substitute for Viagra, a popular men’s product.


Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient of Cenforce 150mg, which has a dosage of 150 mg. In the form of oral pills, it may be purchased. Cenforce 25mg to Cenforce 200mg are only two of the many Cenforce strengths available on the market. Long-lasting erections may be achieved with the aid of the salt Sildenafil citrate, making for a more pleasurable sexual encounter.

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