Is this an orange poppy flower? What is the scientific name of this plant?

I think this is a poppy flower. Please, correct me, if I am wrong. I need to find the exact name of this plant, because I think it can be used medicinally and in cooking. Please, help me to identify it. Appreciate any suggestions.

The plant has bright orange silky-textured flowers with 4 petals. The foliage is blue-green. The leaves are divided into round, lobbed segments.

Sorry, if the photo of the plant is not so good. This is the only one I have.

Eschscholzia californica or California poppy

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    Yes, this is a poppy. To be exact, this flower is called Eschscholzia californica. It is commonly known as California poppy, Californian poppy, golden poppy, California sunlight, or cup of gold. California poppy belongs to the Papaveraceae family. It is native to the United States and Mexico. It is an ornamental plant, but it is also used medicinally (an aqueous extract of the plant has sedative and anxiolytic actions) and in cooking.

    California poppy is the official state flower of California since 1903.

    Vice Professor Answered on October 19, 2016.

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    on November 9, 2016.
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    California poppy. It is a very hardy plant. It is easy to grow, drought tolerant, and reseeds so readily that is can become weedy. Eschscholzia californica can grow almost without soil – I saw it growing on the sides of a gravel drive.

    Plant seeds in the fall directly where poppies are desired, since they do not transplant well.

    The flowers close at night and open in the sun every morning.

    Vice Professor Answered on October 19, 2016.
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