My Dracaena started to get something white on the trunk. What is it?

I am so sad to see that there is something wrong with my dracaena Marginata. 🙁  It has got some tiny white things all over its trunk. What can it be? How could I treat my Dracaena? I would appreciate any answers! Is it possible to use something organic to get rid of this?

Thank you!

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My Dracaena started to get something white on the trunk. What is it?

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My Dracaena started to get something white on the trunk. What is it?

Doctor Asked on February 5, 2016 in Houseplants.
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    Those little white things on your Dracaena Marginata look like mealy bugs. Dragon trees are very susceptible to these plant bugs. Mix some laundry soap with a little bit of water and wipe off the trunk and leaves of the plant (use a piece of soft sponge). Leave the plant with the soap for 24 hours. Then shower your plant with cold water.
    I would recommend to replant your Dracaena in a new pot with a new soil (or clean the old pot with some strong alcohol or with the heavy duty cleaner). Try to shake all old soil off the roots as much as possible. Check the trunk lower for the bugs. Wipe them off as well with the soap and water.
    Buy at your local gardening shop some insecticide which is available and spray your plant with it. (Ask at your shop the best one for mealy bugs).
    Keep infected plant away from your other plants, clean thoroughly the place where you had infected with bugs Dracaena.
    Good luck!

    Vice Professor Answered on February 8, 2016.
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    A person should never use any hand soap, dish soap, or laundry soap, to clean their plants… Never ever. Those soaps are designed to break down grease/fats. They also break down and strip away the waxy, protective coating of a plants leaves and roots, making the plant more susceptible to future insect infestations. If those soaps get washed into the soil, the damage to the roots makes them more susceptible to soil dwelling insects, root-rot, and can decrease or completely prevent the roots from absorbing water. The best, safest way to removeremove/rid insects from your houseplants, is to remove the plant from its pot, remove as much soil as you can from it’s roots using a garden hose, gently spray the foliage/leaves with the hose, then inspect the plant thoroughly, and remove any remaining pests/insects. Before replanting/repotting, wash the pot with a water/bleach solution, to kill any remaining insects and their eggs/larvae. Rinse the pot 2-3 times, then repot your plant. Never use household soap of any kind. If you are intent on using soap, contact your local plant stores, and ask if they carry insecticidal soap, designed for use on houseplants.

    Beginner Answered on August 31, 2016.

    Thank you so much! Next time I will know. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to save the plant 🙁

    on September 3, 2016.
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    Thank you, Florist! I washed the trunk and the leaves with the laundry soap, like you said, let it dry for one day, then I took and old tooth brush and cleaned all the white stuff (mealybugs or how they are called) off.
    I’ve bought at the local plant shop some insecticide called Aktara, dissolved it in water, according to the instructions (actually put a little more) and spayed my Dracaena. (I’ve bought a special bottle for spraying at the plant’s shop as well).
    After that I got my infected Dracaena out of the pot, and saw that the trunk was all with the bugs down to the roots. I washed them off and sprayed as well. I got a new pot and special soil for dracaena’s and replanted it.
    Now, see below how it looks! I’ll repeat the spraying in about 6 days again. (By the way I sprayed it outside, not in the apartment, just in case, and was doing it in the rubber gloves, which I threw after)

    RE: My Dracaena started to get something white on the trunk. What is it?

    Doctor Answered on February 10, 2016.

    Hi Peter! Any updates on your Dracaena? Have you sprayed it for a second time? Are there any bugs left?

    on February 15, 2016.

    Hello Traveler! Yes, I’ve sprayed it for a second time. Still watching it. There were no bugs so far, but it seems still tender….

    on March 12, 2016.
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