Top 5 inventions in the Healthcare sector

“Health is wealth “is a widely used notion which implies if a person is healthy and fit that is its greatest wealth.  In the race of success, people are fighting for material things and superficial comforts. But they tend to ignore that these comforts are a façade over their health and healthy lifestyle.

Paying lakhs of fees in gyms and practicing running and walking on a treadmill is what people enjoy nowadays. Going to the parks and breathing in fresh air and running on the streets filled with greenery are not their priority but superficiality is.

The spread of Coronavirus in 2020 threatened everyone across the world. Lakhs of human lives were staked and lost in the COVID 19 pandemic. People eventually comprehended that health is important and cannot be neglected further because even enormous wealth could not buy them life.

Beginner Asked on August 18, 2022 in Health.
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