What is this tall garden plant with big red flowers?

I often see this flower in the gardens and I was always wondering about its name. It’s quite tall, with big leaves and big red flowers, so it can be seen from far away, especially when there are many of them blooming. Please, help me with this garden flower identification. Thanks. See the photo below:

Tall and big red garden flower

Doctor Asked on September 8, 2016 in Flowers,   Gardening.
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    Scientific: Canna x generalis. Common names are canna, canna lily (although not a lily), Indian shot. Canna is the only genus in the family Cannaceae. Although a plant of the tropics, most cultivars have been developed in temperate climates and are easy to grow in most countries of the world as long as they receive at least 6–8 hours average sunlight during the summer, and are moved to a warm location for the winter.

    In addition, Canna is one of the world’s richest starch sources, and is an agricultural plant.

    Vice Professor Answered on September 21, 2016.
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    Canna. The rhizomes of cannas are rich in starch, and it has many uses in agriculture. All of the plant has commercial value, rhizomes for starch (consumption by humans and livestock), stems and foliage for animal fodder, young shoots as a vegetable, and young seeds as an addition to tortillas. Also, a fibre obtained from the leaves is used for making paper.  

    Smoke from the burning leaves is said to be insecticidal.

    In more remote regions of India, cannas are fermented to produce alcohol.

    Vice Professor Answered on September 21, 2016.
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